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At Ahi Ezer Yeshiva, Every Day is a Treat

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For Purim this year, our toddlers and nursery really put what they’re learning into action. They were taught about mishloach manot and the importance of giving. They then all exchanged different types of mishloach manot from their home to their classmates.

Our kindergarten has now been learning hands-on. They started off with a trip to Pomegranate for Tu B’Shevat where the children were able to see all the different types of fruits. They were taught how, when we eat a fruit we haven’t eaten before, we must make a beracha of shehichiyanu on it. The children were so excited to learn a new blessing! The kindergarten also learned about the letter “P”, so they decided to take a trip to the pet store. The children were so excited to see all the different kinds of animals and they even had the privilege of touching them! 

Ahi Ezer Yeshiva had a Purim Party like no other. The eighth graders did a wonderful job hosting a carnival to get everyone into the Purim mood. They had many different booths with lots of exciting games and prizes. We had a pickle race, Coke and Pepsi contest, shave-the-balloon race, and much more. We also had popcorn and cotton candy machines that were a huge hit, but the best part of the day was the moon walk outside! Each class got a chance to bounce around on this tremendous ride. From the toddlers up to the eighth graders, Ahi Ezer students were dressed up with the cutest costumes ever. We had a cow girl, a ballerina, a mime, and even a vampire; all the costumes were simply adorable!

The fifth grade class at Ahi Ezer experienced a Shabbaton like never before. With the great hospitality of Rabbi and Mrs. Isaac Farhi in Deal, the girls really had a wonderful time. Friday afternoon started off with relaxing manicures and delicious pizza. They then were off to their hostesses’ homes, where their arrival was anxiously awaited. When the girls showed up on Erev Shabbat, together with their hostess they made beautiful challah and learned how to weave the dough in complex braids. Scrapbooking was next! Decorating and designing each page was so much fun. Shabbat started off with beautiful singing and Rabbi Farhi’s amazing stories of his escape from Syria.

Shabbat morning was very uplifting as Hathaway Shul welcomed them in. By seuda shelishit, each girl decided to take upon themselves a mitzvah that they would do next Shabbat.  As the weekend came to an end, everyone was inspired and knew that these memories would last forever!     

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