American A-Listers Coming to Israel

Brad Pitt Stephen DorffTwo of Hollywood’s hottest actors – Brad Pitt and Stephen Dorff – are scheduled to set up shop in Israel in the near future to film their latest movies.

Pitt will be starring as an assassin-turned-target in “The Gray Man,” which will be filming in the Holy Land for a month during the summer. Word has it that the longtime Hollywood heartthrob will be joined throughout his stay by partner Angelina Jolie and their six children. Dorff, meanwhile, will be tackling the lead role in “Zaytoun,” a joint Israeli-British project written by Nader Rizq, a Palestinian playwright, and to be directed by Israeli director Eran Riklis.

Dorff will be playing an Israeli fighter pilot who winds up in an unexpected friendship with a Palestinian boy. The star is reportedly taking intensive Hebrew lessons to help him master his execution of the part. The filming – which begins on March 12 – is expected to include scenes with a lot of Hebrew dialogue.

“I went to Israel for the first time two weeks ago for some rehearsals, and I will be there for a couple of months,” Dorff told reporters. “I have some cousins there because my dad is Jewish, so it should be an interesting part. For this movie I do have to speak some Hebrew, so I wish I had learned when I was younger. I have a good dialect guy over there, so I will do more of an Israeli sound like the actors did in the movie ‘Munich.’ ”


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