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Friday, July 1, 2022

This Week in Home Design: Go Round!

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Adding round furniture to a rectangular space makes a unique fashion statement! Even if you’re not ready to go all out like the owners of this home, a couple of circular throw pillows, or a swirly print on your dining room chairs, can add a fun accent.It was a long time ago that Christopher Columbus deduced that the world was round, and with his evaluation we’ve come to realize how complex the shape actually is, so this week, dear readers, we are going circular!

We dare to be different, we dare to rebel against our horizontal and vertical homes. One might instinctively want to put a square or rectangular table in a rectangular room, but not Joyce! Give round a chance. A round table makes for great conversation; you can make direct eye contact with every person on the table without asking any of your guests to move forward or backward just to see the person sitting next to them. This is a good way to give everyone at the table an equal chance to communicate with everyone instead of just the person they are sitting next to and inevitably the conversations will flow.
A round table can also extend to an oval.

Round sofas and round rugs have also become more popular in interior design.
Circular furniture makes a unique statement. When we use round pieces in a space it is unexpected and makes for an interesting layout. And if you just want to take a baby step toward the round trend, try circular throw pillows on your couch, or a swirly print on your dining room chairs. It can make any room go from static to dynamic in just a few fun and easy steps.
So get into the loop and….. Go round!
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