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Oprah and The Jews: Jewish Voice Readers Respond

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Jewish Voice readers offer their perspective on last week’s editorial, which raises concern over how Oprah was welcomed into the Orthodox enclaves of Brooklyn by Jews ignorant (perhaps willfully?) of the media titan’s anti-Semitic past.


Good of you to print the truth about the Oprah show. I am blessed as I do not have the expensive TV stations to hear her show. I seldom listened to her show when she was on available channels. I especially did not want to hear if she stood for any politician—who cares.  Oprah is not even worth apologizing for (her).

Thank you,


Dear Editor,

Thank you for the 100% racist screed, where you not only committed numerous hate crimes against Oprah Winfrey, but where you also amply demonstrate that Jews are preoccupied with their own pathetic racism above and beyond anything else.
You are a racist pig and nothing more.

Tom Lowe


I didn’t know this about Oprah. My Pop (of blessed memory) used to say: “shver tzu zein a Yid”—it’s tough being a Jew. I’m a Brooklyn born Jew grew up in Bath Beach.

Herb Glatter

The Jewish Voice received several e-mails of the type that you are about to read. This one is intended as a representative example, but was, in fact, one of the more coherent ones.


I believe that the Oprah show you mention was telling the truth.  Blood drinking Satanists do hide behind a Jewish smokescreen.  Good Jewish people ought to be outraged – not that this is being exposed (as it should be) – but that THEY are being used as cover, and that false charges of anti-Semitism are being used to slander those who expose it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Oprah fan.  But we should support the truth wherever it is allowed to surface.  There are just too many people coming forward with tales of abuse, mind control and blood rituals for it to be a hoax. As for Oprah and her OWN network, I have only to note that backwards it spells NWO (New World Order).  Like I say, I am no Oprah fan.


The following letter comes from a reader who caught our editorial as it was republished on Israel’s Arutz Sheva News Service, evidently, along with the author’s name and headshot. Rest assured, our editor is flattered.

Dear Editor,

I NEVER write to any paper; however, I read with great interest your excellent article – and you stopped short! Here is why: It all started last week when my daughter sent me the link to that Oprah’s segment. I already then suspected that it is strange that she would visit a frum Jew and even actually pronounce the words that even she “….has chasidic….” whatever in her (was she drunk?) Her words smack of another line any  anti-Semite always says:  “my best friend/lawyer/dentist/ is a Jew.”

In any event there are only two reasons why anyone in her capacity would suddenly “remember” how nice
the Jews are;

A. Her OWN is not doing so great – she needs something sensational!
B. Her beloved Obama is teetering (hopefully will teeter all the way) and may not be reelected and she was an ardent vote getter- therefore to be on the “good side” – she may get some more from us when she comes to collect before November. (Incidentally I am not American – but Canadian!)

Thus – you stopped short of giving the whole story of why possibly now is the time for the show – cause Obama told her – do everything to get the vote.

Again thank you for alerting us the “bored housewives” in our community and in general – if at all they get to read this.

Maybe you should write, or even better, come out in person in support of anyone (!) who is NOT Obama – you too can be a power vis-à-vis Oprah. You are good-looking; much more attractive than O. You write well, and you probably speak well too. So, what do you think?

Shavua tov,
Annette Rosenthal
Last but not least, our editor wrote to noted political commentator Debbie Schlussel to share with her last week’s editorial about Oprah’s long-forgotten blood libel, and her new TV episode featuring members of the Orthodox Jewish community. Ms. Schlussel had raised the issue last year, as the original Oprah Winfrey Show came to a close. In response to the JV editorial, Ms. Schlussel had this to say:

It’s funny you should contact me about this because I was just thinking I should write about my anger at Chabad/Lubavitch for giving Oprah a free pass. [Rabbi and Chabad Media Relations Director] Motti Seligson’s gushing interview with her made me sick to my stomach. Oprah has a history of anti-Israel programming, anti-Semitic programming, such as the episode you mentioned and which I mentioned on my site repeatedly, and of promoting Islam as peaceful and normal.

Chabad was more concerned with promoting Chabad, NOT what is good for Judaism. And as such, they gave the kosher seal of approval to this very evil, anti-Semitic woman. Her fraudulent interview answers with Seligson showed me even more of what a phony she is, because in the past she has said she believes less in G-d than in some New Age spirituality, which she’s promoted for 26 years on her show and her new Network, and that she is the leader of this phony religion. Chabad either didn’t do its homework or, even more malignant, didn’t care.

In showing the Mikveh and other issues in Judaism that make us look weird, Oprah set out–as she frequently has with fundamentalist Mormon sects–to make Orthodox Jews look bizarre, fringe, and crazy. This was a huge mistake and bad move by Chabad, and I’m nauseated. And NO, Oprah NEVER apologized. NEVER. The show, in fact–along with other anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and pro-Muslim shows, remains in rotation in reruns on her OWN network. … The Rebbe is probably turning over in his grave.

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