New Smartphone App Provides Updates on Kosher Standards - The Jewish Voice
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Friday, August 19, 2022

New Smartphone App Provides Updates on Kosher Standards

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The Orthodox Union (OU) has introduced a smartphone app that provides consumers with updates on products that the OU has certified as kosher, Reuters reported.

The app was launched in part to counter the “classic myth” that “the rabbi blesses the food,” said Gary Magder, the OU’s director of digital media.
“But the issue is not about blessing food,” Magder said. “It’s about the actual food that we’re permitted to eat and the combinations of it.”

Released in advance of Passover, which takes place from April 6-14 this year, Magder said the app will be particularly useful during that holiday, when kosher laws are even more complex than usual.

“What’s kosher and what isn’t during Passover becomes so much more complicated because certain kinds of products that are fine during the year are not fine to eat during that eight-day period,” he said.
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