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Fox News CEO: Iran and the Middle East Will Determine Future of America and Democracy

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Roger E. Ailes, CEO and Chairman Fox News, speaking at the 2012 National Security and New Media Conference of the Center for Security Policy on February 28.In an introspective presentation to the 2012 National Security and New Media Conference of the Center for Security Policy on Tuesday, Roger E. Ailes, CEO and Chairman of Fox News, outlined a scenario wherein the United States will imminently face a decision of historically defining proportions – whether to join Israel in attacking Iran.

Painting a seemingly bleak picture of both the domestic and international challenges facing America in 2012, Ailes stated that he has “grave concern for our country – America is an endangered species. In comparison to the rest of the world, America is a small place, and many people in the world, if given the opportunity, would crush us if they had the chance.”

Highlighting this country’s chief domestic and international problems, Ailes cited “the worst economic slump since the Great Depression,” noting the high rate of unemployment (with minority unemployment at 16% and the migration of jobs overseas), China’s ownership of $1.1 trillion of American debt, the self-generated decline of our space program, an incoherent energy policy, a 96% increase in gas prices in the last two years, and the rise of radical Islam in Egypt are among the latest developments.

Ailes went on to heavily criticize what he calls the overregulation of government. “In the last year, we have passed 80,000 regulations,” he declared, “which is something that America simply cannot put up with. We have a one-party country, and the top ten poverty centers in the USA have one thing in common – they are all in a one-party city.” 

Shifting gears to focus on international terror, Ailes strongly suggested that we are moving into a very critical period of time in world history.  “A Koran is destroyed,” he said, referring to a recent event in Afghanistan where a number of the Islamic holy books were destroyed by U.S. military personnel, “and the entire United States government is forced to apologize a hundred times. But two members of our military are shot in the back of the head, and that doesn’t even make the press.”

“The guy in Iran (Ahmadinejad) said a number of years ago that not only must Israel be wiped off the face of the earth, but we should imagine a world without America,” Ailes noted. “Around the globe, they are trying to figure out innovative ways how to crash our economy, kill us, kill freedom and make America a memory.”

In a frightening statement, the media mogul spoke about America-Israel relations. “Israeli pilots are sitting in cockpits today on alert, feeling it is going to be up to them to keep their country from being wiped out, and wondering whether their friend America is going to be there when the crunch comes. In other words, we are soon going to be at war with Iran.” Ailes then drew a historical parallel between the current state of affairs and the period just prior to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, when American intelligence was supposedly aware that the Japanese military was engaging in strategic preparatory moves against the United States. “We left our carriers in Hawaii, and we know what happened on December 7,” Ailes emphasized. “Not being ready to strike if necessary is simply not an option – we will soon be in a fight for civilization itself.”

The Fox News chairman brought his presentation to a conclusion by describing what America means to him. “Racism, anti-Semitism and terror are present in every country in the world,” he asserted, “but this country has done more to confront these issues than any other country.” Stating that “We are a great nation that has freed more people than any other nation on this earth,” Ailes pointed to the enduring vitality of the Constitution as a symbol of America’s ultimate strength. “Americans are smart, tough, optimistic and honorable people,” he declared. “It is our job to educate our citizens to our history, so that they can contribute to our future.”

While making it clear that his comments specifically represented his own views and not necessarily those of Fox News, Ailes briefly described his vision of the popular broadcast entity.  “At Fox News, we do not get up every morning assuming our country is guilty. We insist upon innocence before guilt, and we give that right to our country because America has earned it.”

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