Kosher Delight Eatery in Flatbush Robbed at Knifepoint

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This past Thursday night, the Kosher Delight restaurant on Avenue J in Flatbush was robbed at knifepoint. As the store manager was preparing to close the store for the night, a man wearing a mask suddenly approached him, grabbed him, held up a knife to his face and demanded the business’s cash. Despite the manager’s immediate compliance, the intruder placed him in plastic handcuffs and locked him in a room before fleeing the premises.
After banging on the door and screaming for help to no avail, the manager used his cell phone to call for help, and was let out by a friend. Police officers and detectives from the NYPD’s 70th Precinct arrived shortly and immediately searched the area for a suspect. They also looked through Kosher Delight’s video footage to potentially identify the robber.
The suspect has not yet been found, and police are continuing their search for him.

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