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Jewish Voice Sounds the Alarm at JCRC Political Event

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Last weekend, the Jewish Community Relations Council held its annual legislative breakfast in Manhattan, a veritable who’s who of New York’s leaders, representing vital Jewish institutions, as well as the city, state, and federal levels of government. The Jewish Voice was on the scene of course, one of several prominent news publications represented at the event. Members of the JV staff made a point of distributing a statement by our editors, drafted especially for the legislative breakfast, and aimed at our representatives in government.

For Jewish Voice coverage of the JCRC event, please see the cover of this week’s issue. Also for the benefit of those of our readers who were not in attendance, we are running copy of our statement from the event below. We urge our readers to disseminate this message far and wide. Add your voice to the Jewish Voice.

URGENT: A call to action, by the editors of the Jewish Voice
For years, our Congressmembers come to this event, the JCRC Legislative Breakfast, and correctly express their support and love for Israel as a nation and as our ally – and we know that they mean it.

This year, however is far different. There is an old Yiddish saying (no doubt, some of you know how much better it sounds in the original language) that goes: “Loving and promising don’t cost anything.”

Commitment and action are what counts. The people of Israel – indeed, all of us – are faced with an existential threat like no other: Iran with a nuclear bomb. The Jewish people have thousands of years of experience with continuity and survival and the State of Israel faces an existential threat rivaling the Nazi onslaught.

Last week, President Obama warned Israel not to attack Iran, while at the same time he is only slowly tightening the economic screws after having spent most of his term on useless diplomacy with these duplicitous fanatic messianists who run the Iranian regime.

The Jewish Voice calls upon the president to state that this nation will assist the State of Israel in any action deemed necessary for the survival of the Jewish state. Up until now, what we have seen is merely the shabby treatment of our most important strategic and ideological ally in the Middle East. Now, this administration’s policy places Israel’s survival at risk – and as Israel goes, so too, ultimately, go we.

We call upon the New York Congressional delegation to join us in this unconditional declaration: we stand with Israel and call upon the president to commit and act as may be militarily necessary and implementing the full force of the Congressionally-authorized sanctions; not piecemeal.
Yes, dear readers – loving and promising is not enough. The time has come for commitment and action.      

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