Apple Purchases Israeli Flash-Memory Company for $390 Million - The Jewish Voice
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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Apple Purchases Israeli Flash-Memory Company for $390 Million

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Consumer electronics powerhouse Apple Inc. has purchased Anobit Technologies, an Israeli producer of flash memory technology, for $390 million. Anobit had originally been seeking anywhere from $400 to $500 million for the deal.

Located in Herzliya, Anobit has developed NAND flash memory controller technology that can improve the apparent endurance – the number of reads and writes – that flash memory can perform. The raw endurance performance of flash memory reduces dramatically with reduction in the geometry of the manufacturing process technology, to the point where flash memory becomes unsuitable for many applications. Used in digital devices such as cameras and music players, flash memory is lighter and more durable than the memory used in computer hard drives, though it stores less information. Apple’s iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, which don’t have hard drives, are dependent on flash memory.

Anobit was founded in 2006 to make solid-state drives. It’s MSP (Memory Signal Processing) technology is a combination of error correction and memory management schemes that compensates for errors and evens out wear, thus allowing higher apparent performance. Anobit is believed to have received more than $72 million from venture capital firms including Pitango, Battery Ventures, Intel Capital and Micron Technologies and has about 200 staff.

As the owner of the flash memory manufacturer, Apple can withstand supply constraints in the industry, and it is able to customize the technology so that it can work more productively with the iPhone and other devices. Apple is the world’s largest purchaser of NAND flash memory (about 23 percent of global supply) for inclusion in its smartphones and tablet computers.

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