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Previously Verboten Nazi-themed ‘Star Trek’ Episode Hits German TV

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Since World War II, Germany has banned any Nazi-themed shows on network TV.  Now, for the first time since the Nazi era, German network TV will air a Nazi-themed TV show starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (both Jewish) from the old TV show ‘Star Trek.’  It had previously appeared on German pay TV in 1986. It’s a February 1968 episode of ‘Star Trek’ (originally aired in 1968 in the U.S.) called “Patterns of Force” in which Shatner and Nimoy’s characters impersonate Nazi officers in uniform in order to overthrow the Nazi leader of planet Ekos who rules over the peaceful, technologically-advanced Zeonian people as an inferior race based on the Nazi model of the Third Reich with Nazi-fashioned dress, Hitlerian salutes, and military uniforms and institutions from the SS and Gestapo to brownshirted Stormtroopers and Gestapo as well as Nazi-styled societal institutions.  It’s being aired by the ZDF channel after 10 p.m. with viewer discretion advised.

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