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In its 14th year, the Jewish Voice continues to be the premiere voice in pro-Israel advocacy. Each week, we present our readers with up-to-the-moment breaking news, cutting edge analysis of issues affecting both Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world, and an expanded section on real estate, culture and Jewish news in the New York City area and beyond. Because the Jewish Voice is one of only a few select journalistic enterprises that has assumed an uncompromising posture in our stalwart support for Israel, we are not beholden to purse strings that are routinely attached to institutions that control the dissemination of news as it is reported. Honest and undaunted, the Jewish Voice is a voice that the community can trust. As we have undergone a significant growth in scope and content during the past 12 months, it becomes necessary to bolster our ability to respond to that growth. The correlative increase in readership also requires that we are able to respond to that change, necessitating some new hires to bolster our present team. We are now turning to you, our loyal readers, for assistance in this endeavor.

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