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Westchester Landlords File Suit Against Cuomo’s Order Halting Evictions During Pandemic

By Hellen Zaboulani A group of Westchester County landlords have filed a lawsuit charging that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order halting evictions during the pandemic...

Naftali Group Closes on 470 Kent Ave in Williamsburg  for $102.5M

One of the last waterfront development sites in Williamsburg is biggest land transaction recorded Post-COVID-19 Edited by: JV Staff Naftali Group, a leading privately held, global...

American Jews on Edge as Rioters Attack Synagogues, Jewish Stores

As rioters target synagogues and Jewish businesses, American Jews feel torn between protesting for justice and protecting their community. By: Paul Shindman The riots in the...

PA Exploits George Floyd’s Death for Anti-Israel Incitement

By: TPS Staff The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah were quick to exploit the recent tragic death of George Floyd in the US to demonize...

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