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Bernie Sanders addresses anti-annexation protest in Tel Aviv via video

By Ebin Sandler, World Israel News Staff The left-wing Meretz party and the communist faction within the Arab Joint List staged a protest on Saturday...

Defund the Police Was Theme of Saturday’s DC March

By John Gizzi (NEWSMAX) If there was any common and unifying theme in Saturday's march on Washington to commemorate Minnesotan George Floyd, it was the call...

Is COVID-19 Weakening? Recent Studies Claim Virus Less Potent

By TVJ news With almost 7 million people infected worldwide and the current death count at 393,000 COVID-19 is still a major issue worldwide. In America,...

Lakewood George Floyd Protests Largely Peaceful

The Saturday Afternoon George Floyd Protest were largely peaceful in predominantly Orthodox Lakewood,NJ. App. reported: Police officers stood and walked shoulder to shoulder with demonstrators, unfurling...

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