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AP slammed for firing cameraman at behest of Palestinian police

( WIN) Palestinian social media exploded in anger Thursday after the Associated Press news agency fired a Palestinian cameraman, apparently at the request of...

US Embassy advises citizens to steer clear of Judea and Samaria

(WIN) The U.S. Embassy on Thursday advised U.S. citizens residing in or considering travel to Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip “to maintain...

Wikipedia Co-Founder: Site’s Neutrality Is ‘Dead’ Thanks to Leftist Bias

T.D. ADLER (BREITBART) Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, published a blog post this month declaring that the online encyclopedia’s “neutral point of view” policy is “dead”...

More Shocking George Floyd Riot Footage : Wheel Chair Bound Senior Attacked, Low Income housing Unit Burns

Jared Evan Footage from last night’s Minnesota protest–which immediately turned into a full blown riot–for the police killing of George Floyd shows a disabled woman,...

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