How World Cup Runner-Up Croatia Made it This Far

The modern Croatian team was readmitted to FIFA in 1992 after gaining independence from Yugoslavia. Since its World Cup debut, Croatia has qualified for all but one World Cup tournament. This is the team’s second appearance in the semifinals, according…

By:  Julian Howard

Jewish History of Budapest: A Trip to a Golden Age

Budapest is the 25th most-visited city in the world, and it’s easy to understand why, with its amazing architecture, its enormous World Heritage Site, and its therapeutic hot springs. But Jewish travelers also have a captivating Jewish story beckoning them…

By:  Raphi Bloom

A Jewish Traveler’s Guide to Philadelphia

Jews have been in Philadelphia for a long time: since before William Penn obtained his charter for the state in 1682. The city’s first synagogue opened in 1740, well before the Revolutionary War, and is still a wellspring of hope…

By:  Beth Kissileff

A Summer Experience in Sefraus, Austria

Serfaus, Austria The pretty holiday village of Serfaus is hidden in the folds of the Tirol Mountains in the Western part of Austria. The village streets are filled with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. You will enjoy walking down the…


Glamping Under the Israeli Stars

Glamping connects you with the land on a personal level without having to rough it and brings tourism out of the cities and into Israel’s wilderness How would you like to be flown by helicopter to Israel’s largest natural crater…

By:  Jessica Halfin

Meet the Community Network Shaping the Future of Travel

Founded by two Israeli travelers, Selina runs properties that combine a boutique hotel, a co-working space, a wellness center and a social community When former real-estate developers Daniel Rudasevski and Rafael Museri arrived in Pedasi in 2007, the tiny fishing…

By:  Rebecca Stadlen Amir