Jewish Features

Jewish Features

Sukkot: The Harvest Festival and Arrival of Autumn

Celebrating a weeklong emphasis on food, family, friends, tradition and the great outdoors. We are twice blessed. Sukkot, the harvest festival—and sometimes called the “Jewish Thanksgiving”—takes place this year at the end of September, and two months later, Thanksgiving in…

By:  Ethel G. Hofman

Simchas Torah: Dancing With The Bride

“The Torah that Moshe commanded us is a heritage to the Congregation of Jacob”(33:4) Simchas Torah is a day in which we celebrate the Torah. Why did Chazal see fit to designate a separate day for Simchas Torah? Would not…

By:  Rabbi Yochanan Zweig

Parshas Vayelech – Shabbos Shuva

SHABBOS SHUVA The designation, Shabbos Shuva is given because, on this day, we read the Haftorah from the prophet Hosea which says: Return O Israel to the L-rd Your G-d. HaShem, who is our compassionate Father, is reaching out and waiting for each and…

By:  Rabbi Osher Anschel HaLevi Jungreis, Shlita