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Jewish Features

ABC’s of the Omer

The significance, customs and mechanics of counting the Omer What is the Omer? In the days of the Holy Temple, the Jewish people would bring a barley offering on the second day of Passover (Leviticus 23:10). This was called the…

The Passover Food Guide – Part 1

The Jersey Shore Orthodox Rabbinate takes pride in once again presenting to our Sephardic Community a comprehensive guide to Passover products. In order to supply the community with up to date information, this is also available on the website:….

Passover Question Round-Up

WHAT DOES OU-P MEAN? The OU-P symbol means that the OU has certified a product bearing that label as Kosher for Passover. To receive such a certification, an extremely high level of supervision is required including hashgacha temidit (constant supervision),…

Psak Halacha on Female Clergy

(A message from the Rabbinical Alliance of America (RAA) and the Igud HaRabbonim) Recently a swirl of controversy has engulfed the Jewish Community surrounding the role of female clergy and Halacha. Some of our Chaverim have reached out to the…