Only Trump Could End Palestine

A bad time for bad ideas The Soviet Union had a perverse genius for convincing the United States to not only adopt its most destructive ideas, but to also become their chief sponsor under the delusion that it would somehow...

A Classification System for Anti-Semites

Every day we read in the news or hear about one anti-Semitic act or another. Anti-Semites seem to be everywhere today but are they all the same? Anti-Semites come in all shades of horror and hostility, which is to say…

By:  Harvey Rachlin

Palestinian Refugees: Trump’s Reality Check

The Trump administration’s reported plan to overturn US policy on the issue of Palestinian refugees is long overdue. According, initially, to media reports, the new policy — scheduled to be unveiled in early September and based on sealed classified information…

By:  Ruthie Blum

The Deep State vs. The American People

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Donald J. Trump, in the largest upset in modern American political history, was elected the 45th President of the United States of America. And every day since then, his administration has been clouded by the…

By:  Marcus Ebenhack

Trump Turns the Screws on the Mullahs

Why pressure on Iran is good — and what it can achieve The Trump administration has recently demonstrated America’s economic prowess by placing sanctions on three dictatorships led by, what Italians would describe, as Bruta Figuras…or brutal figures: Turkey’s Erdogan,…

By:  Joseph Puder

Why Silicon Valley is Killing Free Speech

Control leads to censorship In one survey, 75% of tech entrepreneurs voted for Hillary Clinton. 8.8% voted for Trump. 83% back higher taxes, 82% support gun control and another 82% are in favor of socialized medicine. Google, Microsoft, Apple and…

By:  Daniel Greenfield

Ireland’s War on Israel

Another EU country launches BDS attacks on the Jewish State The Irish Senate approved a bill last month criminalizing trade of products from the so-called “occupied territories,” or more specifically from Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria. The BDS legislation…

By:  Joseph Puder

Does Turkey Belong in the Future of NATO?

President Donald J. Trump tends to state what many in the world are saying but few are willing publicly to express: “I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad,” he recently said….

By:  Nonie Darwish

Corbyn, Booker & Their Impact on Israel

If the current violence between Israel and the Hamas terrorist regime in Gaza escalates into a full-scale war, one thing is certain. The main thoroughfares of the West’s great cities will be filled with thousands of protesters marching in support…

By:  Caroline Glick