Is There a Religious War Against America?

What’s really driving leftist anger and hatred 69% of progressives are ashamed to be Americans, but 63% are proud of their political ideology instead. The majority don’t attend religious services, but 73% list politics as their preoccupation. Religiously unaffiliated voters…

By:  Daniel Greenfield

The Jordanian Option–The Only Realistic Solution

If Trump is hoping for a semi-agreement by both sides before starting negotiations, he must realize that Abbas is irrelevant President Trump walked back his remark that he supports a two-state solution to he supports whatever the parties want. But…

By:  Ted Belman

#MeToo & The “New Rules for Men”

And so we have arrived, in the Brett Kavanaugh affair, the inevitable and ultimate apotheosis of #MeToo – the vilification of men qua men. Now, one accusation alone – no matter how unsubstantiated and uncorroborated – is enough to ruin…

By:  Matt Paterson

The Blood of Slain Israelis Stains Many Hands

It’s often claimed by Western enemies of Israel that the military actions of the Israel Defense Forces against Hamas in Gaza are disproportionate because such actions kill Arabs while Hamas attacks don’t kill Israelis. That’s apparently why the Western media…

By:  Melanie Phillips

Only Trump Could End Palestine

A bad time for bad ideas The Soviet Union had a perverse genius for convincing the United States to not only adopt its most destructive ideas, but to also become their chief sponsor under the delusion that it would somehow…

By:  Daniel Greenfield