Ocasio-Cortez Rallies Protesters Against ICE

New York congressional candidate and Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants protesters to “occupy” airports, border crossings, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices nationwide.   “We have to occupy all of it,” she told Democracy Now! on Monday. “We need to…

By:  Patricia Sweeney

Violence Directed Against Trump Supporters Escalates

As predicted, since Maxine Waters declared her support for intimidating Trump administration members, the harassment and violence is spreading to average Americans who simply support Trump. Over the last month several members of the Trump cabinet have been castigated and tossed…

By:  Jared Evan

Deputy AG and Republicans Smash Skulls on Capitol Hill

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met resistance and pushed back as he sparred with Republican lawmakers during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. He fought off allegations that the Justice Department is hiding information from Congress, WBUR News reports….

By:  Leonardo Silva

Trump Unleashes Tweet Storm On Schumer Over NK Remarks

The president went on a full throttle Tweet attack against NY Senator Chuck Schumer  over remarks he made earlier in the week on the Senate floor. “The summit was more show than substance, what the Texans call ‘all cattle, no…

By:  Jared Evan