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The J Street Danger to Israel



Since its inception work of J Street, the controversial DC based advocacy group that was created to lobby for a Palestinian State on territory controlled by Israel, has primarily been publicly criticizing Israel and demanding that Israel make more concessions to the Palestinian Arabs up. But J Street is now headed in a dangerous new direction, with its pledge, made at its national conference in late October, that it will lobby to reduce U.S. aid to Israel unless the Israelis agree to Palestinian Authority demands which include retreat from Jerusalem and the settlements.

The question of US aid to Israel has long been the dividing line between pro-Israel and anti-Israel organizations in our community. American assistance to Israel consists entirely of military supplies—there is no American economic aid any longer at all—so J Street will be seeking to deprive Israel of the very weapons that it needs to defend itself against invading armies and in its ongoing war against Islamic terrorists. Let’s remember: Israel resides in a neighborhood filled with aggressive Islamic dictators and brutal terrorist organizations.

All members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations as well as local Jewish Federations and JCRC’s around the US must now evaluate how they can cooperate at all, at any level, with J Street. “Big tent” diversity may be an important principle in the American Jewish community, but the very lives of Jewish Israelis must be considered more important.

And let’s remember that J Street is currently courting such sympathetic 2020 presidential hopefuls as former Vice President Joe Biden (who had previously addressed J Street conferences while working in the Obama administration) as well as radically far left Israel hater Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren and others. J Street’s clout and influence in the conversation on Middle East peace will get a dangerous shot in the arm from these candidates. And J Street’s opinion in particular on the issue of Israel making suicidal territorial compromises to create an autonomous Palestinian state that will be operated by the terrorist Hamas organization, will also be on an international stage. And that will be highly detrimental to Israel’s security. But then again, their concern for Israel’s security is essentially non-existent.

J Street has crossed a red line and must reverse course or be treated differently from here on out by our community in a unified manner.

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