Robert DeNiro Accused of ‘Abusive & Sexist’ Behavior in $12M Gender Discrimination Suit by Former Assistant

Robert De Niro, his son, a movie producer named Jane Rosenthal and “immersive studio developer” Wildflower are behind a $400 million building project slated for Astoria, Queens. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

By Pat Savage 

Robert De Niro, known of late more for his obscenity-laced tirades at President Trump than for his importance as an actor, has been hit with a gender discrimination lawsuit by a female former executive assistant, Graham Chase Robinson.

According to widely reported inside information, Robinson is claiming that the actor shot “abusive and sexist comments” at her.

More than eight weeks ago, the actor’s Canal Productions launched a lawsuit against Robinson in New York state court for allegedly misappropriating thousands of dollars. “The allegations made by Graham Chase Robinson against Robert De Niro are beyond absurd,” said an attorney for the actor.

“De Niro and his corporate alter ego, Canal Productions, subjected his longtime assistant Graham Chase Robinson “to years of gender discrimination and harassment,” Robinson alleges in the suit filed in Manhattan federal court, which also claims he shorted her on overtime pay,” according to      

“She eventually quit because she could no longer endure the hostile work environment,” according to Robinson’s suit, which is asking for more than $12 million in damages.

Over the course of her tenure at De Niro’s production company, Canal Productions, Robinson’s lawyer said her client was discriminated against “day in and day out.”        

“Ms. Robinson was asked to do things that her male colleagues were never asked to do, like scratch Mr. De Niro’s back, button his buttons, tie his ties,” she added. “The whole work environment was unacceptable,” Fox News reported. “Robinson was 25 years old when she started with the company in 2008 and worked with De Niro until April 2019. During her tenure, she rose through the ranks from executive assistant to director of productions and vice president of production and finance.”

De Niro “is someone who has clung to old mores. He does not accept the idea that men should treat women as equals. He does not care that gender discrimination in the workplace violates the law,” the complaint said. “Ms. Robinson is a casualty of this attitude.”

According to NBC News, the plaint also alleges that De Niro “would joke with Ms. Robinson about his Viagra prescription. De Niro smirked to Ms. Robinson about his young paramour, who was around Ms. Robinson’s age. De Niro directed Ms. Robinson to imagine him on the toilet. He told Ms. Robinson that doing manual labor would ‘make a man out of you.’ De Niro suggested that Ms. Robinson could get pregnant using sperm from her (married) male co-worker.”


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