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The Impact of Betraying Our Allies



Judging from the harsh criticism that has been leveled against President Trump by both Republicans, Democrats, the media and the lion’s share of the international community for his ill-conceived decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, (thus paving the way for a fierce Turkish invasion of the north eastern section of the country) it appears that the Middle East is once again morphing into the perennial tinder box that it has represented for many years.

As we monitor the frenetic pace of the news in the region, we sadly learn that our loyal Kurdish allies who fought with us, side by side in the protracted battle against the ISIS caliphate are being predictably slaughtered by the maniacal forces of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turks view the Kurds as terrorists; an insurgent force that wants to wreak havoc in their country, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The Kurds are a stateless people and it is they who have been victimized by the Turks for decades. But then again, let’s remember that the Turks have a gruesome track record when it comes to committing wholesale genocide. Over 100 years ago, the Ottoman government systematically exterminated anywhere from 700,000 to 1. 5 Armenians; most of whom were citizens of the Ottoman Empire. It is now known as the Armenian Holocaust.

There is no reason to believe that the Turkish government under the leadership of radical Islamist, Israel hater and Hamas supporter Recep Tayyip Erdogan will behave any differently towards the Kurds. As a matter of fact, Erdogan has pretty much said that he will continue his invasion into Syria; massacring the Kurds and fomenting even more bellicosity in the region.

But then again, we can’t expect any other kind of behavior from a miscreant like Erdogan who jails, tortures and brutally murders journalists and violently suppresses free speech, thought and ideas on a routine basis.

What we can be outraged about, and what we can speak up about is the decision by President Trump to abandon our Kurdish allies when they are clearly in existential peril. What we can boldly voice our opposition to is the nonsensical utterings of the president, when he claims that imposing sanctions on the Turkish government will somehow dissuade them from killing the Kurds. Sanctions take a long time to be become effective and the president is well aware of this. By the time the Turks feel the brunt of the sanctions, thousands of Kurds will be slaughtered. Kind of sounds like the US policy towards Europe during World War II. The Roosevelt administration claimed their aim was to eradicate the Nazi presence from Europe and then they will concern themselves with saving Jewish lives. All of us are familiar with the conclusion to that story. 6 million dead Jews and their blood on the hands of the administration who ignored their plight.

It is also outrageous for the president of the United States to say that the Turkish invasion into Syria is ‘not our problem.” Really now? Well, the president has incessantly droned on about how under his intrepid leadership, the US completely defeated ISIS. Well, we certainly believe that the inevitable resurgence of ISIS is indeed a problem for the United States. Now, that the president’s decision to withdraw troops has essentially given Putin in Russia and the Mullahs in Iran an early Christmas present of domination of the region and the rise again of the brutal Assad regime, we simply cannot understand why the president does not feel that this is a US problem.

And one more thing. In the middle of the Oval office and in front of the president of Italy, the president said that the Kurds were “no angels.” Whether one likes or dislikes the ultimate objectives of the Kurds, it was they, the brave and courageous Peshmerga forces who put an end to the loathsome terrorism of ISIS.

Think about all this and much more, Mr. President. Carefully consider your next move as we beseech you to do the right thing. History will record all your deeds and misdeeds. We pray that you continue on the path of a glorious and untainted legacy as our nation’s 45th president.

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