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The “Politics” of Anti-Semitism in NYC



If you're a Jewish resident in New York City, you don't have to search through the New York Times or the local MSM to learn about the skyrocketing hate crimes against your fellow Jews, you live it. Photo Credit:

If you’re a Jewish resident in New York City, you don’t have to search through the New York Times or the local MSM to learn about the skyrocketing hate crimes against your fellow Jews, you live it. For those of us with a knowledge of history, this is quite a scary situation. If we can believe the figures from the Left leaning ADL, over 59 % of hate crimes in the city were against Jews who barely make up only 19% of the population. By the end of the year, these issues of violence will have more than doubled from those of last year. Sounds like Paris or London. Sadly it’s in our own backyard.

And to be perfectly honest, most of these biased, hateful criminal acts were perpetrated by blacks…..who are usually reported as the vulnerable victims of hate carried out by “White Supremacists.” In our town, it’s they who are the hateful attackers and the Jews, the hapless victims. Most recently, Avraham Gopin a 63 year old New York rabbi was assaulted in broad daylight by a black assailant who threw a massive brick at him, punched him 25 times, leaving Gopin with missing teeth and a battered body. The police are searching for a 6’2″ male with a white “T” shirt, black sneakers and black shorts. The race….obviously unknown. Last month, a Jewish man who, while walking home from synagogue, casually said “Hello” to a black man who promptly punched and choked him. These stories are endless and growing. But to our inept, intolerable mayor, “White Supremacy” is to blame for the mounting attacks against Jews in the city. “I think it’s really clear…the forces of white supremacy (WS) have been unleashed. ” Tell that to his buddies, Congresswomen Rashid Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and AOC who are planting the seeds of Jew hate throughout the land.

Let’s face it, Jews are an accepting bunch. They are hugely liberal, sympathize and align themselves with other minorities and tend to ignore the mounting hatred against their own people. They play the game of “willingly not knowing.” Will it take the re-awakening of a militant, self defense organization such as the famed Jewish Defense League to come to the defense of our people? New York City was once the cradle of the Jewish community in this country. We settled here from Europe and other places where we were not welcome and hated. As we prospered, so did the City and its growing black population. Our business people gave them jobs, our teachers taught them, our doctors healed them. And now we are the targets of their hatred against Jews. We must acknowledge that the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright among many other African American Jew haters have done their job. And we Jews have the responsibility to wake up to the reality and come to the inevitable conclusion that the black community is no longer, if they ever were, on our side. Tough to do, but it’s got to be done.



  1. Günter K.

    09/04/2019 at 5:38 pm

    Did it hurt?

  2. Ginette Weiner

    09/05/2019 at 5:58 am

    I applaud you for being brave enough to speak the truth which isn’t always pretty and is far from politically correct. The thank you Jew are getting from decades of being at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and helping minorities as part of what it means to be Jewish is…a not only no thank you in sight but being brazenly and unashamedly attacked in mid day by Blacks and other disgruntled ignorant bigoted minorities who blame Jews and Israel for their woes instead of looking in the mirror at their own failings, morally bankrupt choices and lack of value of achievement vs. doing drugs and blaming “poverty” for their failings. It is a disgrace we should not stand for one minute. Every Jew should be armed with some kind of self defense, i.e. mace, pepper spray, a sharp knife and learn self protection from a young age. Never again means Never again. If you harm a Jew, you will pay for it with your life or by a court of law, what ever it takes.
    “White Jewish Privilege” Does Not Exist
    Dear Editor:
    The new coalitions of perpetual victims need a bogeyman to blame for their woes and surprise, surprise, they picked the Jews whom they now malign as Privileged Whites.
    Victor Hanson, The National Review, ‘Old stereotypes resurface among today’s woke progressives’, “the new, new anti-Semitism… which serves as a unifying progressive bond… that Jews are part of the old guard whose anachronistic standards of (white) privilege block the emerging new constituency of woke Muslims, Blacks, Latinos, feminists, woke celebrities, entertainers, socialists…” Omar, Cortez, Tlaib all unite to malign only Jews who support Israel as “white supremacists.”
    White Jewish privilege? We had the ‘privilege’ of being persecuted for centuries by the Catholic Church for rejecting Jesus, denied the right to vote, hold citizenship or own property, rounded up and killed in pogroms throughout the Middle Ages, scattered to the ends of the earth, millions butchered in the Holocaust while the world looked on. For rejecting Islam, Mohamed beheaded, raped and enslaved hundreds of Jews. The few who survived were crowded into inner city ghettos, and denied admission to universities. And today we have the very special ‘White Privilege’ of record numbers of hate crimes against Jews worldwide, more so than any other group.
    Yet, despite centuries of hatred and ostracism, we not only survived, we thrived. Why? Because we do have one privilege, unique to Judaism. We have Jewish values and culture which emphasize higher education, achievement, cherishing our children and helping others by contributing to all of the communities we are allowed to live in.
    “The American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, and Anti-Defamation League were central to the campaign against racial prejudice. Jews made substantial financial contributions to many civil rights organizations, including the NAACP, Urban League, Congress of Racial Equality. About 50 percent of the civil rights attorneys in the South during the 1960s were Jews, as were over 50 percent of the Whites who went to Mississippi in 1964 to challenge Jim Crow Laws.”
    Jews were at the forefront fighting institutionalized racism. Yes, it still exists in more subtle forms but has long since been a major factor in any minority not moving up. Most employers look to fill positions with minorities. Universities are open to all.
    Ginette Weiner,
    Scottsdale, AZ

  3. Ginette Weiner

    09/05/2019 at 6:01 am

    Letters to the Editor
    In the Mail 9-12-14

    Arming all Jews

    Ginette Weiner

    I know it’s not politically correct and, yes, I know that violence results in more violence and all of that. However, with increasing attacks on Jews here and in Europe and South America, with Jewish families being verbally and physically assaulted on their way home from synagogue and/or just walking down the street, with synagogues being attacked, with Muslim thugs jumping out of cars and threatening innocent Jews wearing their yarmulkes, with the brown-shirt thuggery of the BDS movement, storming various city hall meetings and attempting to bully and intimidate elected representatives, I strongly feel all Jews should be arming themselves.
    We should all be carrying something – whether Mace, pepper spray, knives, scissors or guns – to protect ourselves and our children from attacks. We need to tell all these thugs that we will not be intimidated and that the next time they attack a Jewish person, they risk being harmed in return. We cannot and will not be passive when these brown-shirt thugs are actively and in an organized way, targeting Jews, in our beloved USA. Campuses across the country are holding meetings to help Jewish students protect themselves. We should be arming ourselves and should not be afraid to fight back.
    I say, “Never Again. Never. Ever.” We will not go quietly this time. We will take you down with us. You will not succeed in spilling Jewish blood ever again without consequences to yourselves. So, to Jewish Americans, to Jews all over the world, I say, it’s more than time to begin carrying items for self defense. Never. Again.

    Ginette Weiner, Scottsdale

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