Tragedies that Lead to the Irrational Erosion of Our Rights

Second Amendment concessions to the rancorous and unforgiving Left will only serve to further appetize their insatiable and unquenchable thirst for power. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

By: Yair Jolovitz

Yair Jolovitz asks: “Is our society in such a state of post-rational hysteria, in such a frenzy of delusion, that we are willing to abandon our most crucial and critical human rights simply because the pundits have successfully pretended to know something we don’t?”

The national news spotlight, in an almost one-dimensional show of unity and in lock-step with the self-declared progressive voices of America – those who seem to relish in exploiting some of the recent shooting tragedies – senses that the 2020 Presidential election has finally found the issue which offers the Democrats an advantage. Dead Americans. Not the ones that fall in unimaginably great numbers daily in Chicago, in St. Louis, in Baltimore, in Detroit, or in Washington, DC, but rather those who are gunned down by the certifiably insane that walk among us. We aren’t talking about the political murders committed by Muslims during the past two decades, nor by Black men in their own neighborhoods. We’re talking about shootings by anyone who looks like they might need sun block in a summer day’s sun. Of course, there are always exceptions. For instance, when that White shooter is an avowed Leftist.

What is to be done? While the debate rages on without any meaningful end in sight, this much can be stated as fact: The Democrats never miss an opportunity to seize an opportunity. Rahm Emanuel’s “You never let a serious crisis go to waste; and what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” has become the prescriptive order of the day. Never mind that the obsession to exploit these tragedies has led to the irrational erosion of the nation’s civil rights. On the contrary – they are intended to.

During these trying times, everyday Americans desperate to find answers to difficult questions and hoping to hear a few voices of clarity through the endless fog of the politicization of these tragedies, tune in to talk radio, television cable news, and search their favorite websites. Their choices are invariably those news commentaries, replete with rabid partisanship and treacherous tribalism, that have replaced true news journalism. It comes with a cost – too often, either the truth, common sense, or both.

Let’s illustrate the point.

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, we listened as many widely recognized and popular FOX News hosts, considered to be intellectuals – influencers on the right, agents representing the clarity of mind and adherence to reason that conservatism ostensibly represents – surrendered principled ideology and conceding to madness.

Time for a commentary about their commentary. About the betrayal by a spurious intellectualism of a better-reasoned common sense.

All of a sudden, they and everyone else are experts on constitutional law.

These intellectual half-wits, clearly running an ethical deficit, are entirely open to the prospect of confiscatory red flag laws, magazine capacity limits, further limiting access to arms and a whole host of onerous restrictions on our most precious and precarious right. None of which would move the proverbial needle in the slightest.

This willful surrender, underscored by a frantic and desperate desire to correct a problem that is beyond their capacity or that of the exploitative and shameless politicians on Capitol Hill to solve, will not end well.

How short are their memories? Have they forgotten the political weaponization of the IRS against conservatives? Did they not shutter at the swift abandonment of the principle of due process, and the presumption of innocence throughout the fraudulent and despicable display that was Justice-designee Brett Kavanaugh’s political lynching? Let us ask them – to whom do you suppose we grant the authority to determine who poses a public threat based on nothing more than anonymous denunciation? Please, do tell – which government bureaucracy are you willing to empower with the authority to confiscate legal property from citizens that committed no crime – let alone arrested, tried and convicted of one. Which other inalienable rights, earned with blood and sacrifice, are you willing to willfully nullify to appease the insatiable and ravenous Left?

For those not fully paying attention, perhaps we should ask those decent law-abiding citizens who were purposefully and venomously targeted by Congressman Joaquin Castro, brother and campaign manager to Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro (yes, that same radical La Raza activist). Let’s ask those folks-outed by a “Nixonian enemies list”, whose employers, home addresses, and personal information was publicly tweeted by Castro’s official campaign, if they feel comforted by the notion of having their guns taken from them during such a hyper-partisan and dangerous time. A time when yet another congressman, Tim Ryan, of Ohio’s 13th congressional district, led a self-described “caravan” of blood thirsty activists who protested at Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell’s private residence, publicly exclaiming they were there for their own political blood-letting. How would Mitch McConnell feel about the notion of being alienated from his inalienable rights? Ask these innocents, standing at the political precipice of having their rights sacrificed on the altar of hysteria and self-congratulatory pats on the back by politicians trying to outdo one another in stripping their own constituent citizens of their Constitutional rights.

Second Amendment concessions to the rancorous and unforgiving Left will only serve to further appetize their insatiable and unquenchable thirst for power. McConnell’s mistake, and that of many on the Right, is the false notion that these are powerless, basement dwelling goons, with no real political capital or influence. McConnell and his ilk are reassured and self-consoled by the belief that the Left doesn’t even know which bathroom to use and can’t agree on how many years planet Earth has before returning to its primordial state of molten iron, and are therefore, not to be taken seriously.

Are we really that stupid? Is our society in such a state of post-rational hysteria, in such a frenzy of delusion, that we are willing to abandon our most crucial and critical human rights simply because the pundits have successfully pretended to know something we don’t? Those inalienable rights that have served to protect us. Rights so brilliantly enshrined in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. It reminds us of the famous quote from Thomas Jefferson, that public admonition of those very fools, unwilling to preserve the very thing that made them citizens rather than subjects: “Those who sacrifice liberty to purchase a little temporary security, deserve neither.”

In our hasty and reflexive efforts to assert our control over the malevolence and wickedness which seems to have overtaken us, and in our shortsighted attempt at creating a more equitable society, we have willfully abandoned the very principles which guard against tyranny and make us all equal. Citizen equal to citizen – and a government accountable to those citizens.

When they disarm us, they axiomatically disarm us from these rights as well. The connection is symbiotic.

It is so much more than our right to embrace, hands clenched around our Second Amendment, those basic safeguards of a free society. It’s about rejecting the charlatans. Summarily, and expeditiously.

As Charlton Heston had forcefully declared, all Americans should be boldly embracing this instrument of equality, this humble apparatus of wood and steel. We should pledge our commitment, and if necessary – our lives, to safeguarding and sanctifying the only object that truly makes free men free.

Yair A. Jolovitz is the Security Manager of a Global Fortune 500 corporation and a commentator on political and public affairs.


  1. May I begin with the statement of agreement . Well said .

    The greater issue is not what should be done , but rather what is the common denominator of the problem , and what needs to be undone as a remedy to the condition that is unacceptable by all who understand it , and requires all with any humanity pause in its witness .

    What is the common denominators.

    First , gun free zones attract mass death by those mentally dysfunctional . second , concealed hand guns bring swiftly the end of event at their beginning . third , city’s with the greater restrictions on honest and lawful gun carry , have the highest danger of honest citizens being killed by guns . Last of all , Clearly , the infringing of the right to keep and bare arms is the goal of the political national government , for the purpose of removing all other citizens rights .

    what needs to be undone .

    what needs to be done is pass a unqualified immunity to taxes on the bill of rights .
    No fines , fees , taxes , limitations , or exceptions what ever . If it is in the bill of rights , no government has standing to tax it in and way… not at any level .

    The right to carry concealed should have never been restricted , it is the right to open carry that needs limitations , And then only in what manor , not in whom . shall the magazine be filled , shall the safety be on , shall the action be open …. protocol’s of polite carry , not prohibitions about who .

    Further , any government agency may increase the scope of the bill of rights , which will then expand this immunity’s scope as well .

    The reason mass shooting happens , is beyond any one persons ability to understand , the solution to them is easy to understand . Active shooter need to be killed swiftly the moment it is clear that they have deadly intentions . The means and methods need to be difficult if not impossible to predict or plan for . And who responds needs to be unpredictable , and universally illusive . The active shooter must know with certainty , that any one could be armed , and can shoot back , with out any certainty of from where their assault will be answered .
    This is the only sure solution to this vexation .

    • You FALSELY stated Rep. Ryan, of Ohio’s led a “caravan” of activists to protest at Mitch McConnell’s private residence. The caravan did not go to his home or anywhere near it. If you would have read the press release correctly, you would have known Congressman Ryan, concerned Ohioans, Kentucky residents and Mons Demand Action said they were traveling to Mitch McConnells home state. You left off the word ‘state’ and falsely replaced it with residence. Read the Louisville newspaper article.


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