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Gun Violence Cannot Be Blamed on Trump



The issue of gun violence in America has once again reared its ugly head. This pernicious scourge is not only a horrendous blot on our societal norms but a deep and painful shame on our standing in the global community.

We recently witnessed two mass shootings on the same day. 22 people who were shopping for back to school supplies and clothing with their children in a mall in El Paso, Texas were gunned down by an insane young man with a hate filled manifesto.

13 hours later as we wiped our tears and went to sleep, news emerged in the wee hours of Sunday morning that yet another mentally disturbed and hate filled young man decided to hit the bar scene in the Oregon district of Dayton, Ohio and pump some lead into the folks hanging around in that area. The shooter murdered his own sister and eight others and wounded 31.

At this juncture, we are beyond frustrated because no concrete or viable plan has been proffered to halt this wanton violence and this tragic loss of innocent lives.

Having said this, this is where we part ways with the liberal mainstream media who has a relentless penchant for lambasting President Trump and assigning blame to him for the gun violence in this country. One talking head after another keeps repeating the same old hackneyed and trite mantra about how the Trump totally and exclusively responsible for disseminating racial and religious hatred in this country as well as scathing anti-immigrant rhetoric. They postulate that his speech is hate filled, racist and discriminatory and sews the seeds of murder in the mind of young men who are in the process of being radicalized through online sources.

Well, let’s clear the air, folks. Mass shootings happened in this country way, way, way before Donald Trump even entertained the notion of becoming president. Shootings were commonplace during the Obama era and while the nation’s 44th president sought to strip away at our second amendment rights in his quest to impose stricter legislation surrounding gun control, his words and actions proved to be feckless, although well intentioned.

No, President Trump is certainly not the spawn of Satan, he is not the devil incarnate and he does not want this insidious plague of mass shootings to continue unabated. President Trump has touched on some points that we would do well to give serious thought and consideration to.

Perhaps there is a huge problem in this country because of rampant cases of mental illness amongst our youth that we have neglected to take note of. Perhaps the tech giants who sit on their respective thrones and who make it their business to fill the bloodlust needs of young men with horrifically violent video games might also be responsible and take the blame for what they have produced.

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