Epstein, the Media & Real Abuse

The pundits and those who engage in speculation for a living have promulgated conspiracy theories that lead one to believe that the Clinton body count has just gained another member. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Right about now, the media is gearing up for yet a new enigma to take center stage. This time the ping pong ball is none other than the late Jeffrey Epstein. The rogue financier who was charged with multiple accounts of sex trafficking has been used by the media to show the kinds of people that travel in President Trump’s orbit. The fact that the POTUS has had zero to do with Epstein in 15 years means very little to them. The fact that Epstein was shown the door at Trump’s Palm Beach estate also does not count for much gravitas with the media. After all, this narrative indeed smacks of the absolute truth but does not fit the media’s self-serving agenda.

Sure, at this juncture in time, nobody comes across smelling like a rose if they publicly declare their friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein. Everyone wants to stay about as far from this scandal magnet as possible.

With each passing day, we would imagine that this mysterious case of either suicide or possible murder will be gone over, ad nauseum, with a fine, tooth comb. Let’s just say that the public’s appetite for such salacious gossip is at a fever pitch and the media grist mill does everything in its power to keep satiating that ravenous need to know.

Little, of course, is mentioned about all of the high-ranking Democrats and garden variety liberals that have been associated with Epstein. Now that a judge has unsealed over 2000 pages of evidence from a previous lawsuit regarding Epstein’s perverted predilections while engaging in sex acts with minors, we are sure to find out much more.

The one thing that we are sure of, is that the media’s attempt to portray former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz as an adulterer and someone who engaged in illegal sex with underage girls has just come to a screeching halt. Truth be told, we always knew that the Dershowitz smear was orchestrated by an accuser’s lawyer who wanted to make a buck out of all this and hype his client. Now, however, the documents that have been unsealed prove beyond any doubt that Dershowitz could not have been in any of the places that the accuser has claimed that he was. So, let’s chalk up Dershowitz as a tragic casualty of greed and the ferocious agenda to destroy any legal mind that dare defend an unpopular client.

Now on to the Clintons. The pundits and those who engage in speculation for a living have promulgated conspiracy theories that lead one to believe that the Clinton body count has just gained another member. After Epstein has originally been arrested on July 6th, soon thereafter, Bill Clinton’s public relations team put out a statement saying that Bill’s friendship with Epstein was a thing of the past and that he had only traveled on the “Lolita Express” (Epstein’s private jet) about four times. The manifest says that Clinton was on that plane 27 times.

As to Prince Andrew of the British Royal family, suffice it to say, that this is the kind of headache that Buckingham Palace does not need. They have enough on their plates just defending American Meghan Markle from a barrage of unwarranted criticism. But yet and still, the royal Prince Andrew was seen vacationing with Epstein and partaking in the luxuries that only Epstein’s kind of wealth could buy.

We also wonder how many times former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson visited Epstein’s ranch down there. You all know what we mean don’t you? The very ranch that Epstein believed would be the place that he would spread his DNA far and wide to practically every female that would agree to be impregnated by him.

So, before we let the media get away with bashing Trump over the head with his Epstein contacts, or lack thereof, let’s just see who is really calling the kettle black.


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