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DeBlasio Desperately Turns to Hasidim for $1 Donations to Keep 2020 Dreams Alive



Mayor de Blasio’s campaign for to be the Democratic nominee for president has reached new levels of desperation. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

By: Jared Evan

In a desperate measure to qualify for the next Democratic debate Mayor de Blasio has turned to the religious Satmar community for $1 donations for his campaign, using a fundraising plea written in Yiddish!

De Blasio needs to show the Democratic National Committee he has raised money from 130,000 individuals in order to qualify, and as of his campaign filing this month, he only had about 6,700, Politicio reported.

The failing campaign sent out a fundraising request for 10,000 donors giving just $1 each online and on WhatsApp, among those in the Orthodox Satmar sect, which is prominent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It opens with a donation request on behalf of those “who work together with the faithful askanim [loosely translated to influential people] who are in constant contact with the government to lobby on a number of issues on behalf of our holy institutions and communities and for individuals who need help and to represent your interests,” Politico translated from Yiddish.

“By donating the dollar, you support your needs, the entire ultra-Orthodox public and our rights and needs by answering the call of askanim who need to show that the public recognizes those who understand our interests,” it reads.

Finally, it notes, “with the dollar you do not support his candidacy, but you can help get him to the debate.”

This comes fresh off the heels of another failed weekend of campaigning, in Iowa.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tried to win over Iowa caucus voters by holding an event at the Parlor City Pub in Cedar Rapids Sunday morning. The Daily Wire reported that “about 15 likely Democratic voters” attended, not including his staff, the press, or state Sen. Rob Hogg who organized the event.

From that small handful of people, nobody was too impressed according to Daily Wire.

Carol Wickey, 78, told the N.Y Post that while she “liked a lot of what he said,” his tone was too divisive” “I thought in his prepared comments he focused too much on working people,” she said.

“He did not say anything that would sway me that he would be my choice as a candidate,” she continued to the Post reported. “Nothing made him stand out among the other two dozen people.”

While the mayor accomplished nothing this weekend besides a photo op of him eating a corn dog with his wife at the Iowa state fair, protestors had their say regarding de Blasio’s absurd waste of energy in campaigning.

Protesters in Iowa passed out fake dollar bills with de Blasio’s face on them in response to the mayor’s efforts to put a homeless shelter on “Billionaire’s Row” in Manhattan, Daily Wire reported. Critics say they don’t oppose the homeless shelter but feel the building de Blasio plans to use is dangerous. Fox News reported that one of the critics, Michael Fischer, said the chosen building “is plagued with serious fire and safety issues that could cause a loss of life.”

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