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‘We Will Have to Agree to the Deal of the Century’



Photo by Avi Ohayon/GPO.

Israeli officials say Trump is dissatisfied with Netanyahu’s attempts to postpone publication of “Deal of the Century”.

By: Ben Ariel

Associates of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will have to say “yes” to President  Trump’s so-called “Deal of the Century”, even if it includes problematic elements, because the Trump administration has been the friendliest administration to Israel to date, and any other administration would give it a less favorable offer.

“The US President is determined to promote his ‘Deal of the Century’ at any cost with the thought that it will win him the Nobel Prize ahead of the 2020 Election,” Israeli officials told the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, following journalist Nahum Barnea’s report that Trump will hold a peace summit attended by Arab leaders at Camp David – before the Israeli elections – and outline his peace plan.

According to the Israeli officials, Trump’s associates are dissatisfied with Netanyahu’s attempts to postpone the publication of the “Deal of the Century”.

Among Trump’s circle, according to the report, there are those who think that Netanyahu is trying to stall, and therefore the idea to convene the peace summit at Camp David to present the deal was conceived.

A senior US administration official on Wednesday rejected the reports in Israel that Trump is planning such a summit.

“At the moment, no summit is planned. The peace team will conclude its visit to the Middle East, will report to the president and discuss the next steps to expand the achievements that were made at the Bahrain workshop,” the official said. (INN)

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