Times Square Terror Suspect was Bangaldeshi Muslim Who Loved Bin Laden

The Face of Terror, 22-year-old Ashiqual Alum (Facebook)

The lone wolf terror suspect from Queens who was plotting to attack Times Square with grenades, suicide vests and guns, went for corrective eye surgery because he was worried, he would not be able to pull off his horrific deeds, NY Post reported.

The aspiring terrorist Ashiqul Alam, 22, who is a Muslim born in Bangladesh & admires Bin Laden, was nervous about his eyeglasses falling off his face during the terror strike and creating an embarrassing debacle that would lead media outlets to dub him the “Looney Tunes Terrorist,” according to federal charging documents, which local media reported on.

Authorities say Alam wanted to either attack Times Square or Washington D.C., with an eye toward killing a “senior government official”, CBS 2 News reported.

“Mr. Alam discussed guns, suicide vests, hand grenades, and surveilled crowded New York targets such as Times Square”, Police Commissioner James O’Neill explained to local media. “Our job is to prevent these terrorist attacks whenever we can before they are carried out. This case is another example of the tightly knit teamwork of the JTTF and the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau. Mr. Alam is charged with illegally purchasing untraceable firearms from undercover officers. That was a clear indicator of his intent to move his plot forward.”

The psycho jihadist “wannabe” told an undercover officer: “Let’s say we are in an attack, right, say that my glasses fall off. What if I accidentally shoot you?” Alam is quoted as telling an undercover officer in the filing in Brooklyn federal court.

“You know what I mean. Imagine what the news channel would call me, the ‘Looney Tunes Terrorist’ or the ‘Blind Terrorist’, the deranged suspect continued.

CBS News NY spoke to Alum’s neighbors at his Jackson Heights, Queens apartment building who stated the loser still lived with his mother.

“He was kind of weird and would always stay quiet. I would never talk to him,” one neighbor explained to the press.

“Right when I left my house, I just saw 10-15 federal agents, you know, with guns and with the vests,” another neighbor said. “The guy wouldn’t open the door. Later, they went back downstairs, got some tools, came up and they actually broke in.”

Sources say Alam got on law enforcement’s radar after searching for explosives. Authorities then set up a sting. He was arrested Thursday after trying to purchase guns from officers with the Joint Terrorism Task force (JTTF).

Alam was arraigned in Brooklyn federal court last Friday, where prosecutors said the Lasik surgery, he received was intended to help him “shoot more accurately”, the NY Post noted. The potential mass murdering terrorist is being held without bail.

This is not the first time the target rich tourist area of Times Square was a target of jihadists. On May 1, 2010, a terrorist attack was attempted by a Pakistan-born resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Faisal Shahzad, who had become a U.S. citizen in April 2009. He admitted attempting the car bombing and said that he had trained at a Pakistani terrorist training camp, according to U.S. officials.


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