CNN Defiles America Across the Globe

CNN’s Jim Acosta has a contentious relationship with President Trump. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

In last week’s editorial we covered the bias against Israel that CNN espouses in what they consider their news reports. Today the focus will be on the similar pattern of hate the Jeff Zucker controlled network spouts against our own nation. Apparently, any good news for America, is bad news (reporting wise) for CNN. At this time, with President Trump boldly leading the nation, the loathing for any nationalism or love for America is a target for those who man the war rooms at what we refer to as the Communist News Network. And just who are the forces in front of the cameras that flash their propaganda across the continent? To name just a few: Christiane Amanpour, David Axelrod, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Cuomo, Van Jones, Brooke Baldwin and Jim Acosta. A lineup composed of Communists, hard line Progressives and unhappy (with President Trump) furrow browed, radicals hoping to destroy the First Amendment that guarantees them the right to voice their opinions no matter how far off the target of truth that is.

Amanpour, when interviewing former FBI chief, James Comey suggested that federal law enforcement should have “shut down” chants of “lock her up” at Trump rallies. “Do you, in retrospect, wish that the people in charge of law and order had shut down that language, that it was dangerous potentially, that it could’ve created violence, that it’s kind of hate speech? Should that have been allowed? Cuomo, who claims to have a law degree claims that “Hate speech is excluded from the Constitution.” He’s also been quoted thusly: “Our laws do not come from G-d, your honor, and you know that. They come from man..Our rights do not come from G-d. That’s your faith. That’s my faith, but not our country.” Brooke Baldwin, during the 2015 Baltimore riots suggested that veterans were responsible for the unrest, saying soldiers who become police officers “are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities and they’re ready to do battle.”

And back during the Democrat Presidential Pre- Primary debate between Hillary and Bernie, it was revealed that the former CNN contributor and then DNC Chair, Donna Brazile had shared a question with the Hillary campaign in advance of a town hall debate staged by that network. A felony election crime.

Under the false pretense of delivering true journalism, CNN has exhibited the worst “Fake News” to its viewers, readers and listeners. In fact, the verb, “Zuckered!” is used to help explain the ongoing collapse of CNN as a legitimate news organization. Another New York verbiage is “Going down the drain!” Sad, that a once great source of daily information has now been degraded to such terms.


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