8 Charged in NYC Parking Ticket Scheme Using Fake Handicapped Placards

Eight NY drivers were recently arrested for using fake handicapped and official placards to get out of paying parking tickets

It is nearly impossible find a parking spot frequently in New York City and drivers spend hundreds a month on parking spots. Nearly every spot seems to be off limits with restrictive signs and limitations. It should come as no surprise drivers are looking for creative ways to park and afterwards get out of endless parking tickets.

The Daily News reported that forged “city-issued” placards recently led police to the arrests of eight drivers nabbed trying to scam their way out of parking tickets. According to the News, half of them were using forged “handicapped placards”. The phony documentation was “issued” by the Department of Transportation, the City Law Department, the New York Blood Center and the U.S. Post Office, according to authorities.

“Parking comes at a premium in a city like New York and using fraudulent placards to circumvent the rules is a crime,” Margaret Garnett, the commissioner of the Department of Investigation, said in a statement to the NY Times.

“These individuals abused city parking regulations and attempted to escape paying the penalties by posing as city employees with city-issued placards or by using fake handicap parking placards reserved for those in real need,” Ms. Garnett added.

The City took these forgeries quite seriously in a time where ironically de Blasio sent new guidelines to judges recently telling them to “more than triple” the number of people eligible for no-bail release, including violent criminals. The guidelines sent by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice expands the release program to include first and second-degree burglary, assault, and robbery., according to Washington Examiner.

In NYC violent assault, burglary and robbery apparently are less serious crimes than someone trying to get out of a parking ticket. According to the NY Times, the defendants can face up to 4 years in prison if found guilty., according to the NY Times.

The Times described that the defenders in this forgery scam were led to their arraignment in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday in handcuffs, bowing their heads as members of the news media swarmed around them, taking photos. The suspects faced felony counts of offering a false instrument for filing, officials said.

Meanwhile, Mayor DeBlasio bragged about his prison reform program and said would make a fairer society, on ultra-liberal CNN recently.

The expansion of the city’s release program comes as de Blasio promotes criminal justice reform as part of his absurdist aspiration of winning 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

“In our city, we have reduced our jail population about 30% already. We’re going to close the infamous Rikers Island jail. We are ending the era of mass incarceration in New York City, the mayor said on CNN.


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