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Freedom of the Press in Israel Comes Under Attack By the Press



Israel’s Yediot Acharonot reports that Haaretz newspaper writers held a press conference and demand that the paper not publish articles by Natan Eshel”

99 Ha’aretz and The Marker employees sign a petition following the publication of an article by Eshel Eshel in the newspaper’s opinion section. The workers claim that due to the circumstances in which he left Netanyahu’s office they object to the paper publishing his opinion pieces.

Journalists against the freedom of speech: 99 workers Ha’aretz and The Marker signed a petition against the publication of an article by Natan Eshel, former prime minister’s chief of staff, in the newspaper’s newsroom.

The petition was sent to Ha’aretz editor Amos Schocken, to editor-in-chief Aluf Benn and editor of the opinion section, according to the journalists who signed the petition, the circumstances in which Eshel left the office of Netanyahu, who was convicted of disciplinary action after acknowledging that he the photograph he took was “unacceptable”. And publicly apologizing in the newspaper or alternatively – was prepared to give due disclosure of the circumstances leading to his resignation.

In an article published earlier this week entitled “Stop splitting up and turning to the Arabs,” Eshel wrote, among other things, that “only two options are available to the voter who defines himself as a right-wing center … The right, which has been splitting for 20 years, Must, at least in the political sphere – stop splitting as an amoeba ”

“We protest and protest the fact that today (and in the past) there was a platform in Haaretz’s opinion columns for Natan Eshel, a person who, as is well known, was thrown out of the State Service after he was caught filming under a woman’s skirt in his office. “Mr. Eshel has many platforms that he can use to air his thoughts, he wants to write in Haaretz because this is the ultimate whitening of his name, but we see no reason to allow this unless it is published under the following disclaimer: The writer left the Prime Minister’s Bureau after filming under the skirts of women”.

The journalists also wrote in the petition: “The fact that we have been given a blow to him hurts all of us, as evidenced by reporters who find it difficult to obtain cooperation from victims who are not interested in being interviewed for a newspaper that provides a platform for those who harm them. “He said.

Haaretz editor Amos Schocken and newspaper editor Aluf Ben refused to comment.


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