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Pure Act of Kindness “: Man Loses 50 kg to Give a Kidney to Someone He Didn’t Even Know



Yonathan Drori wanted to save a life, but because of the excess weight he was forbidden to perform the procedure, and he chose to have a shortened stomach. A recent match between Oren and Ackerman was found, and last week they performed the operation.

Two and a half years ago, Yonathan Drori, a resident of Yitzhar in Shomron and the father of six, decided that he was interested in saving a life by donating a kidney without even knowing the person who was being donated. He connected with Rabbi Yeshayahu Haber, head of the “Matanat Chaim” organization, but then it became clear that his access weight was a barrier to the donation process, he made a decision.

“When I first offered to donate a kidney, they told me that due to my weight, I would not be able to do this, becasue I was so overweight,” Yonatan said, “I had to lose 50 kilos in order to donate a kidney.

A few weeks ago, Yonatan and Ackerman, a father of three from Meitar in the south of the country, waited for a time to donate a kidney. “It was hard to find a kidney for me, friends and family volunteered to donate to me, but they were not a match” he said.

Last week the two arrived at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva to undergo the operation. When they met, Oren said to Yonathan: “The deed you have done is a supreme act of kindness, and it is not self-evident that a person comes and gives life to someone else, you are part of our family. Oren added: “With such determination to contribute to someone else’s life, I have nothing but bow down to him.”

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