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Horrifying: Palestinian Man Kidnapped and Raped Seven Year Old Israeli Girl



Israel’s Channel 13 reports that a Palestinian man has been charged with abduction and rape of a seven 7-year-old Israeli girl from her school where he was employed as a maintenance worker.

The man, a cleaning and maintenance worker at an educational institution in the Binyamin area, groomed the child and with  friendly gestures during his work, until one day he led her to a house in the area and raped her while she screamed for help

An indictment was filed Sunday at the Ofer military court against a Palestinian resident of Deir Qadis, west of Ramallah, for rape, assault and abduction of a seven-year-old girl in the Binyamin area from the school where he worked.

The defendant, who worked in an educational institution in the Binyamin area and was employed in cleaning and maintenance, targeted the girl at his place of work and cultivated contact with her by talking to her from time to time and giving her candies. One day the defendant led the girl to a house in the area where he attacked her causing her to fall and then raped her brutally while ignoring her cries for help. When he was done, he released her and sent her home.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu organization, who supports the child’s family, said: “This is a very cruel and shocking incident, during which other people were present, apparently Palestinian workers, who actively took part in humiliating the little girl and assisted the defendant in his deed. This is clearly a despicable band of scum who acted against all human values ​​only because the victim was helpless Jewish child.”

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