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Delegation of Muslim Leaders from France Visit Knesset in Jerusalem



Israel’s Minister of Communication Ayoob Kara (Likud) received a delegation of 45 Muslim leaders from France and Belgium today at the Knesset in Jerusalem.

A delegation of heads of the Muslim community in France and Belgium, led by Imam Hassan Chalghumi, who arrived in Israel ahead of the Trump Conference in Bahrain.

A the special reception for the guests in the Knesset Minister Ayoob Kara said: “I welcome the announcement by Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states that they want to participate in the Bahrain conference.

On his Twitter account (in Hebrew): “This is further proof that the Iranian threat and the desire to stop it have become the most important issue in most Arab countries. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now considered a leader admired by leaders in the Arab world – and Israel has long been not the problem in the Middle East.”

Ayoob Kara a representative of Israel’s Arabic speaking Druze community has been slated by PM Netanyahu to serve as Israel’s next ambassador to Cairo.

Tomorrow the delegation will visit the Barkan industrial park to learn about the damaging effects of BDS on the welfare of the local Arab population.



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