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Ahead of UK Trip, Trump Refers to American Royal Meghan Markle as “Nasty” in Tabloid Interview



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Queen Elizabeth II of England, the longest reigning monarch in the country’s history, is scheduled to host President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump this week in an official state visit. Due to a controversial comment Trump made to a British interviewer, however, media pundits have speculated that this could taint his trip.  

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CNN reported that during an interview with the London tabloid “The Sun,” Trump was asked about comments made by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, (who is an American actress from Los Angeles) ahead of the 2016 election. Speaking on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” in 2016, Markle called Trump misogynistic and said his politics are divisive, saying she would move to Canada if he won the presidency.

Trump responded, “I didn’t know that she was nasty. I hope she is OK,” later adding, “I am sure she will go excellently (as a royal). She will be very good.” Buckingham Palace had no comment on Trump’s interview regarding Markle, according to the CNN report.

The Trumps previously met with the Queen at Windsor Castle last June, a more informal meeting over tea.

The trip comes amid a blitz of foreign travel for the President and will be the Trumps’ second state visit in less than two weeks. In May, they were Japanese Emperor Naruhito’s first state guests since he ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne earlier that month.

On the political and diplomatic front, President Trump and Britain’s Theresa May will want a strife-free, three-day state visit to London starting Monday, their aides say.

VOA News reported that to reduce the possibility of mishaps, with protesters getting too close to Trump,, the traditional ride in a horse-drawn carriage down the tree-lined Mall to Buckingham Palace for visiting heads of state has been axed — although Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, also dropped the jaunt because of “security concerns.”

A huge London police operation is being planned to try to ensure the state visit goes off without a hitch.

But aside from protests, there will be other risks on this presidential trip that British officials are keen to contain as they press the U.S. leader for more details on a possible post-Brexit trade deal, and as they seek to ease strains in what British politicians especially like to dub the “special relationship” between Britain and the U.S.

London and Washington are at odds on a range of global issues, including climate change, policy toward Iran and Britain’s trade dealings with China.

The differences haven’t been helped by the lack of personal chemistry between the two leaders; Trump once complained May was too “politically correct,” triggering a transatlantic spat, and his aides have confided in the past that her “school mistress” manner makes the U.S. leader bristle. The two leaders have clashed publicly over several of Trump’s tweets, and in 2018 the U.S. President declined to have a one-on-one meeting with her at the G7 summit.

The U.S. leader’s free-wheeling style contrasts with May’s cautious, risk-averse and detail-oriented approach. (VOA)

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