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Against Early Release for Rapists & Murderers

Dear Editor:

Queens State Assembly member David Weprin introduced legislation in the State Assembly to permit some prison inmates who committed murder or rape to be eligible for parole once they reach age 55 and have served at least 15 years of their sentence. The same legislation was introduced by Manhattan State Senator Brad Hoylman in the State Senate.

This legislation if passed by both the State Assembly & Senate and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo would permit the state prison parole board to assess a convicted felon’s potential risk to society as part of its decision on the possible early release of the inmate. Both Weprin and Hoylman reference as justification that allowing these criminals to be eligible for parole could save New York State a billion dollars or more over time.

Never shy around a microphone or photo opportunity, Assembly member Weprin has yet to promote this legislation at one of his standard Sunday press conferences. You will not read about it in one of his periodic newsletters mailed to constituents at taxpayers expense.

This ultra liberal “politically correct” legislation compliments a similar push to allow convicted felons the right to vote while serving time in prison. What’s next, reparations in the form of taxpayers rebates to reimburse ex-felons for lost income due to time served in prison?


Larry Penner

Is the NYT Complicit in Rise of Anti-Semitism?

(The following letter was sent to Arthur Gregg Sulzberger of the NY Times)

Dear Mr. Sulzberger:

Many thanks for your kind, thoughtful and prompt response to my email, in regards to anti-Zionism attitude that appears in the NYTimes news columns almost on a daily basis alongside your full coverage of Israel.

Since we now all agree that anti-Zionism generally fosters anti-Semitism, it would be a shame to see the NYTimes, through its anti-Zionist news coverage of Israel, being complicit in the growth of anti- Semitism.

Many people I know and organizations I’m familiar with have spoken to NYTimes editors and reporters about this problem. They received lots of pious promises. But, not much has really changed.

Hopefully, this cartoon accident/incident will finally encourage the NYTimes to look inward and realize that the cartoon’s appearance was not an accident but the result of a ‘’production editor’’ thinking they were following the ‘’unspoken’’ NYTimes editorial policy.

I remain a loyal subscriber and reader and continue to look forward to the NYTimes living up to it promises of fair and honest coverage of Zionism and the State of Israel.Thanks again for your statement of policy and concern-

Looking forward

Zach Dicker

Yuge Yankees Fan!!

Dear Editor,

Start spreading the news! I was happy after reading your article “Yankees Ranked Most Valuable Franchise in MLB on Forbes List,” because, well, I am a big Yankees fan. I guess the Yankees won the MVF award, so to speak.

The Yankees Franchise bought back the YES Sports television Network, which broadcasts Forbes’ “SportsMoney” show, for $3.5 billion from Disney in March. The Yankees team is owned by Yankee Global Enterprises, an LLC controlled by the family of the late George Steinbrenner, a Cleveland-based shipbuilder, who bought the team in 1973 for $8.7 million.

It is no surprise that the world’s most successful sports franchises tops the MLB list for value, and it makes me proud to think of that value that is created right up in the Bronx. I think about how my late grandpa grew up in the shadows of Yankee Stadium and was a huge fan, having seen almost all of the greats walk out onto the field. It gives me some joy and comfort to think about how the franchise is still thriving and not going anywhere anytime soon. Here’s to hoping for more championships and more franchise success.


Winona Muntz

Room Rental Service Spying on Us?

Dear Editor,

I was appalled but not surprised after I read your article. “Could Airbnb Properties Spy On You? For One Family In Ireland, Yes.” To say the least, this is one of the many reasons I always go through more traditional means when I need to stay somewhere while I am away.

A New Zealand family found out about Airbnb’s lack of quality assurance the hard way when the family members discovered a hidden camera that was not only recording them in the Irish residence they were staying in but was also live-streaming the feed, CNN reports. If it weren’t for some handy IT skills, the Barker family may have never found out that what they were doing in that property during their 14-month European trip was being recorded and streamed out to anyone with access.

I think it’s safe to say that nobody when traveling should need to check the internet to make sure it is okay and that no spying activity is going on.

Andrew Barker was in the property with his wife, Nealie, four of their own kids and a niece. He used his security skills to run a scan of the Wi-Fi network in the house. While he was running routine diagnostics and tests to check for things like signal strength and security strength, he made a discovery that he and his wife could not believe when a hidden camera came up.

I always book hotels, even though I disagree with plenty of their labor practices. I would still rather stick with a legit and regulated business than go to some random place. There are times when it makes sense to rent a cabin, like in the mountains, and there are usually better means to seek out these rentals from people who routinely do it all the time.


Angela Tardigan


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