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Protesters in Times Square Were Loud and Clear: Ilhan Must Go!




Hundreds of supporters for the fight against antisemitism congregated in Times Square to call for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs committee for her repeated use of antisemitic tropes and her recent support for Hamas while they were firing rockets on Israeli civilians.

What’s become clear is that Omar, and along with her, Rashida “the Holocaust gives me a comfortable feeling” Tlaib, are mainstays in the Democratic party, and no amount of hand washing will wipe away their stain and “taint” of antisemitism. Leaders Pelosi and Schumer, all of the Democratic presidential hopefuls, and certainly, above all others, the host of Jewish congressmen and women who have remained silent or outwardly supported and reinforced these two scathing antisemites, are collectively responsible for what they produce.

I can tell you this: we will not be silent; nor will we stop fighting for Ilhan’s removal from the committee and the casting out from the Democratic party of unabashed antisemites who masquerade as anti-Zionists, neatly cloaking themselves as liberal humanitarians. We see right through them, and we’re moving full force ahead.

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