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Exposing the Danger of Rep Ilhan Omar to the Furtherance of Visceral Jew Hatred in America



Since her election to congress in November of 2016, Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has not only gained national recognition as the first Somali born Muslim woman ever elected to Congress, but has drawn international attention for her highly controversial, patently erroneous and bellicose comments concerning Israel and Jews in general. Omar follows the BDS line of propaganda and spews forth spurious accusations concerning Israel’s purported oppression of the Palestinians while she openly expresses her wishes to introduce legislation that would isolate Israel from the international community. She has consistently said that “it is all about the Benjamins” which translates into “the Jews have all the money and power.” These classic anti-Semitic tropes and other remarks of a Jew hating nature are darkly reminiscent of the Nazi propaganda machine, however they have come to represent the new, anti-Israel posture that has become acceptable in the ranks of the political party that she is affiliated with. Her support of Hamas and other terror organizations are also cause for great concern as well as her general anti-American values stance. Tragically, she has the full-throated support of many left-wing anti-Israel organizations and the deleterious impact she has already made continues to flourish unabated.

Below, please find articles that will help you become acquainted with an elected official who is nothing but a paradigm of pure hate of everything that we, as Americans. hold dear.     

The Danger of Ilhan Omar & Her Cronies

Bodega Owners Launch Boycott of NY Post Over Ilhan Omar Headline

Pelosi Requested Security Assessment for Rep. Ilhan Omar Amidst Controversy

Rep. Ilhan Omar Faces Hundreds of Protesters Outside CAIR Fundraiser in California

Rep Ilhan Omar & the Land of the Pirates

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