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Gearing Up for Dems to Challenge Trump in 2020



Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

An outclassed boxer will bob, weave and scramble around the ring in order to avoid his opponent’s punches. The current Democrat Party should be so lucky. They have been bloodied and bruised since the bookies lost their shirts with the supposedly out of his class, Trump, beating the odds of 100 to one given by the New York Times in his 2016 headlined bout against Hillary. This “loser,” “moron,” “unprofessional” startled the political world with a battering that continues today, with the Democrats resorting to low blows, clinches and taking the eight count in vain efforts to make it to the 2020 tenth round. At this rate, they’ll never make it. But give them credit for trying.

The backroom boys led by the Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi and gang tried to rig the defeat of President Trump well before the election with the now revealed dirty tricks campaign of claiming his “collusion” with Russia. He “committed treason” claimed Congressman Schiff. Senator McCaskell shrieked that Trump was encouraging Russia “to invade us” and apparently all of the well heeled Hollywood crowd was in Hillary’s corner reading from the same script, calling for Trump’s head on a bloodied platter. They brought in a stacked deck investigatory group to uncover Trump’s criminal behavior. All to no avail. The 2 1/2 year ordeal of the Mueller inquiry ended (we thought) with no charges of “collusion” being brought against the sitting president.

But the Far Progressive Left is singing the old Yogi Berra refrain, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.” This anvil chorus of anti-Trumpers will roll on with their charges of obstruction of justice, mental instability and any other wild accusations leading to further investigations with no end in sight. Forget about any forthcoming legislation from the Democrat controlled House to benefit the country. They will be bound up in continual circus-like impeachment proceedings leading up to the 2020 elections hoping that they will be able to convince enough Americans to give them control of the Senate and the presidency where they can once again crown another Obama-like figure to lead us down the failed path of social justice for all.

We must all sit back and try to go on with our lives while this cast of characters perform their roles in taking jabs and head butts against President Trump. Strangely enough the ringside scorecard shows him ahead on points with a booming economy, a 50 year high in employment, finally including blacks, women and other minorities being hired at record rates, we’re energy independent, we’ve settled into a successful foreign policy with the belligerency of Iran and N. Korea on hold and we’re finally standing side by side with Israel to keep democracy alive in the Middle East. Not bad for a “neophyte, second string, ignorant, vulgar” president. We’re waiting for the tenth and final round in November, 2020.

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