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Adam Sandler Reprises Role as “Opera Man” on SNL; Takes Shots at Trump & Biden



Adam Sandler did his Opera Man character on SNL Saturday night, and took shots at both President Trump and Joe Biden. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Adam Sandler did his Opera Man character on SNL Saturday night, and took shots at both President Trump and Joe Biden.

Taking over the NBC late-night sketch show’s “Weekend Update” segment, Sandler – a former cast member of the show – crooned about recent news events, ranging from Game of Thrones to Long Shot (a little-heralded movie starring Charlize Theron) and the Kentucky Derby.

“Dressed in his signature cape and wearing a long black hair wig, Sandler poked fun at various current events during the medley, including Game of Thrones (“We can’t wait for final show-ah / So we can cancel our HBO-ah”), President Donald Trump (“I get to make a wall / And Putin makes me his beech”), the new pool of presidential candidates and Joe Biden’s recent misconduct scandal,” The Hollywood Reporter reported.

The actor/comedian’s humor about Trump and Biden included song lyrics like: “Joe for this you / Won’t go far-o / To win White House / You need to bang porn star-o.” He also took shots at Attorney General William Barr: “Where did Barr go? / He did not show / Check every single Wendy’s!”

“During his song, Sandler also made references to his own movies and to his past self-playing Opera Man with a photo of a younger Sandler appearing over his shoulder. “So glad to be back / Now I get a snack / Operaman bye-bye!!” The Hollywood Reporter added.

“Is Adam Sandler funny?” Forbes magazine asked last November in a feature on the comedian’s career. “It’s never been a yes or no answer. He burst onto the scene on SNL in 1990, and then quickly became a commercial and financial success with his first two starring movie roles in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore — though most people my age remember his early career most fondly from his 1993 comedy album, They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!

“As the 90s continued, though, his best efforts were surrounded by bombs – some so painfully bad (like 1996’s Bulletproof) that it constantly cast shadows of doubt on his good stuff,” the story continued. “Was Billy Madison as funny as it was when we saw it at a sleepover in eighth grade and literally rolled around on the floor laughing? Or was it, in retrospect, a pretty stupid movie starring an immature guy who won’t stop talking in a baby voice?”

“No, Adam Sandler’s return to “Saturday Night Live” did not result in a blockbuster adults 18-49 rating,” reported. “It did, however, help Saturday’s broadcast tie a season high in households. Citing metered market data, NBC says Saturday’s episode drew a 4.8 overnight household rating. It drew a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating in the Top 25 markets. The numbers comfortably top those of the previous episode. Featuring host Emma Stone and musical guest BTS, that broadcast drew a 3.9 in households and a 1.5 in the demo.”

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