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Everything You Wanted To Know About Facebook But Were Afraid to Ask. Why Facebook is EVIL



Learn more about the constant controversy that swirls around the social media giant.

With the latest round of conservatives (and Louis Farrakhan) being purged from Facebook, and the newly announced attack on average users who may write something supportive of one of the banned personalities such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson or Laura Loomer;   Facebook has reached a new level of bias and “thought control”.

Facebook censorship is the  hot topic everyone is talking about. Facebook literally wants to suspend users who may post something positive about a person Facebook does not like such as Alex Jones.

Facebook seems to be operating as a publisher as opposed to an open platform.

The Jewish Voice has been covering this topic for the last year. Here is a list of all the reporting we have done on Facebook’s censorship and bias.  Click on the links.

Shame on Facebook for Silencing “The Jewish Voice”
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Facebook, Censorship & Ideology in the Information Age
An Immediate Call for Congress to Step Up to the Plate and Monitor Facebook
Facebook Anticipates FTC Privacy Fine Of Up To $5 Billion
Facebook’s Full Frontal Assault on Conservative Media

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