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Germany is No Friend of the US “Deutchland Uber Alles!”



Germany, under its Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has refused to ban Iran's proxy, Hezbollah, from operating in Europe. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

You would think that Germany, today’s Germany, would be a staunch ally of the U.S., to stand with us against the terrorism of the likes of Iran and its Islamic culture of hate. You would think that after our freeing Germany from the horror of its own Nazi regime with the blood of hundreds of thousands of our own irreplaceable youth, after freeing post WWII Germany from the claws of Russian Communism and after seeing to it that Germany rose to the heights of being the moral and economic leader of Europe, that the Germans would have some sense of loyalty to America. No way. It’s still “Deutchland Uber Alles!” for them. Currently acting as the agents for Iran, they seem to be blinded by their greed rather than being able to understand that an alliance with the likes of that nation, they are acting to feed the flames of terrorism emanating from Tehran. Once again, the Germans are making a decision that will likely cause another world-wide conflagration. And it will surely be us again, who will have to sacrifice to free them and their continent from their arrogance and stupidity.

After President Obama together with the EU (led by Germany) birthed the disastrous deal (JCPOA) that gave Iran the green light to develop nuclear weapons, incoming President Trump nixed the deal and asked Europe to join with us in sanctioning Iran for its treaty violations. However, Europe’s “big three” (led by Germany) ordered their businesses to ignore America’s imposed sanctions and to continue dealing with Iran. In short, Europe, the continent that owes its current freedoms to us, has turned its backs on its frequent savior to curry the favor of trading with and energizing the terrorists of Iran. Germany, under its Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has refused to ban Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, from operating in Europe. They play the game of stupidity in claiming that they only support the “political wing” rather than the “military wing” of that terrorist group. Nonsense! That organization, Hezbollah, itself proudly proclaims, “We are an openly Islamist, terrorist organization!” And in willful refusal to face reality, the EU, (led by Germany) permits funds to flow into Hezbollah’s coffers, feeding the frenzy of terror that is overwhelming their own continent.

Michael Rubin, an acknowledged Iran expert, wrote recently in the Washington Examiner: “For German authorities across from the political spectrum, human rights is only a tool with which to dress its foreign policy rhetoric…For German authorities, the primary goal is commercial benefit. The execution of gays, slaughter of Jews, repression of other minorities, and terrorism are inconveniences to ignore.” Rubin is right on the money. Germany, leads the EU pack of hypocrites who once again side with the bad guys who will eventually engulf their continent in flames and end up begging for us to bail them out. We say, “Never Again!”

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