ZOA President Mort Klein Tells Congress: Islamic Jew-Hatred Threatens American Jews


Mort Klein of the ZOA to Congress: 49% of Muslims worldwide hate Jews — including 34% of American Muslims

As almost all other Jewish organizations cower and deflect, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told Congress in open testimony today that the present greatest threat to Jews comes from Islamic anti-Semitism.

WATCH him! He is a Jewish hero.

Send him an appreciative email: [email protected].

Now perhaps as he has shown the way, we might hope that the ADL will awaken from its self-induced slumber and tell American Jews what Mort shows it knows to be true, that Islamic Jew-hatred presents the greatest threat to Jewish life on the planet. It is driving the Jews out of Europe. It is spreading across America in mosques and madrassas.

While it is true that white nationalists, Nazis, and Christian anti-Semites constitute a threat and will always do so, they are dwarfed by Islamic anti-Semitism.

Every Jewish scholar knows this. No mainstream Jewish organizations have had the courage to say it, apart from the ZOA.


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