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AFL Congratulates PM Netanyahu and the Likud



Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

We, the American Friends of Likud, wish to congratulate you personally and the entire Likud Party for your magnificent victory in the election of April 9, 2019.


We know this was not easy! You were confronted with a biased, hostile media and political adversaries who were obsessed with defeating you. Nevertheless, you overcame the odds and achieved a spectacular result. We recognize your accomplishments at home as the leader of the State of Israel and that there is no one better to represent Israel’s interests abroad. Now, the Israeli voters have demonstrated, once again, their trust in yours and the Likud’s leadership.


In this election, the stakes for Israel and the Jewish people worldwide were enormous and that you prevailed means that the State of Israel and the people of Israel are stronger than ever.


You have made us proud to belong to the American Friends of Likud and we look forward to seeing you in the Knesset soon!


Thank you and the Likud for your continuing leadership.

Dr. Gerald Platt, AFL President

Ken Abramowitz, AFL Nat’l Chairman

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