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Mafia War Back in NYC – Gambino Crime Boss “Frankie Boy” Cali Gunned Down Outside SI Home



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Francesco Cali, considered the Gambino crime family head, was murdered at his home last night in Staten Island. The New York Times reports that the mobster died from gunshot wounds sustained while an unknown gunman shot him in the neighborhood of Hilltop Terrace, catching him outside of his home.

By: Renato Wortman

The murder has the world of organized crime turned upside down on its head as another grisly episode takes place in this neighborhood that is related to organized crime activity. The New York Times reports that he was taken to Staten Island University Hospital after being struck with six bullets, and the hospital declared him dead. The New York Post adds that he was shot at around 9:20 p.m. Witnesses heard the pops of the gun.

The New York Times details how the neighborhood is mostly quiet but does have a history interwoven with organized crime. The paper went on to explain how a series of theft in the neighborhood eventually led investigators down a path to finding patterns, like how a number of the victims were members of organized crime syndicates, “leading to an uneasy chase between the police and the mobsters to find the burglars first. The thieves had made off with more than $2 million in cash, electronics and jewelry, including pinkie rings.”

The public and police don’t know who killed Cali, but the police are trying to track down the hitman. Fox News adds that the murderer ran over the now-former mom boss with a blue pickup truck as a means of leaving no doubts his mark would be dead, citing officials and witnesses.

The police weren’t even able to release any information or description about the murderer, and it is still unclear if the act of violence was random or as a part of some matter related to organized crime.

The New York Times went into some more background about the neighborhood’s past and why upon closer examination, it in some ways would make perfect sense for an unfortunate crime to happen like this one in this neighborhood out on Staten Island. One of the other former Gambino bosses lived in the same neighborhood, which is where he ran a lot of his operations. Paul Castellano was eventually killed in 1985 over in Manhattan and not back in his mansion.

The New York Times also includes known organized crime figures like Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano. The former hitman is probably best known for giving the authorities information about John Gotti, a mob legend and Gravano’s old boss. There’s even a house located along Longfellow Avenue that was used for shots in “The Godfather” of Vito Corleone’s home. Talk about feeling like you’re in a real mafia movie!

Unlike Gotti, Cali didn’t like to be in the public eye, with one law enforcement officer telling the New York Post that Cali “was a real quiet old-school boss.”

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