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The Trump/Sanders Polar Opposite Affect



President Trump delivers two hour address at 2019 CPAC conference. Photo Credit: Fox News

This past Saturday, in their addresses to friendly audiences, President Trump and his probable opponent in his run for re-election in 2020, Bernie Sanders, both gave us some insight as to the nature of these two guys and their respective future goals for this nation. Trump spoke in D.C. to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and Bernie, in Brooklyn at Brooklyn College to a bunch of Far Left homies, many of whom brought sandwiches stuffed in paper bags by their Moms who shook them awake early in the AM so as to get them ready to attend the speech. Sanders, in wooing his listeners, tearfully recalled his parents’ early years of poverty, living in a 3 1/2 room apartment and him going to freebie Brooklyn College (BC). Strange that he didn’t disclose that after only one year at the tuition-free BC, he transferred to the upscale, private University of Chicago that now charges $76,000 per year. What precious belongings did his folks hock to give Bernie the apparently useless education he required to get his first paying job at the age of 40? And by the way, he was kicked out of a Kibbutz for his refusal to work.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders kicks off his 2020 presidential campaign with an address at Brooklyn College. Photo Credit: Xinhua

The difference between these two guys is clear and distinct. For starters, Trump declared he would sign an executive order requiring American universities to maintain “free speech” on campuses and threatened that schools not complying could lose federal research funds. Bernie, on the other hand, has never spoken out on the radicalized Brooklyn College history of shutting down free speech for Jewish kids who support Israel. Back in February of 2013, Michael Ziegler, Ari Ziegler and Melanie Goldberg were all expelled from an event held at BC. Not one word from Bernie who wholeheartedly endorses the BDS, Jew/Israel hating movement. Bernie also hammered away at the 1%, the wealthy, who he claims rule the country and promised to change all that basically sounding like Robin Hood……”free everything for everybody.” He neglected to apologize during his rousing, socialist talks for his three homes, the latest one being an $800,000 lakefront vacation “cottage’ and his reported $160,000 Audi R-8 sports car.

Trump, on the other hand, offers no apologies for the billionaire lifestyle he leads. He worked as a construction worker for his Dad who was a local NYC home builder. His successful efforts, in a little over two years in office, to create over 3,000,000 jobs, reduce taxes, lure American businesses back to our shores and raise the GDP to over 3% is what this country needs, rather than Socialist nonsense that promises to make our nation a carbon copy of Venezuela and Cuba. We don’t give one darn what a candidate for any office says. We focus on what he/she does. And the comparisons between Bernie and Donald lead us to believe our lives have been bettered by one and threatened by the other. Guess which one we support for President in 2020?

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