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Rebbitzen Yemima Mizrachi’s Secret to the Best Life



Members of the Chazaq womens division with Rebbetzin Yemima Mizrachi

On Thursday February 21, CHAZAQ was delighted to join Mikvah USA for a historic celebration announcing the opening of Beth Gavriel’s state-of-the-art mikvah, Be’er Miriam and Yaffa, located in 66-35 108 street in Forest Hills. The event began with Mrs. Victoria Zirkiev, an active member of Chazaq’s women’s division, welcoming nearly 600 women from our community and beyond excited to learn the secret to the best life!


Mrs. Zirkiev thanked the community and Mikvah USA for helping attain this momentous milestone!


The audience was first treated to a deeper understanding of mikvah by Mrs. Charlene Aminoff who related that during severe infertility issues she was advised to stop wearing pants. During this pregnancy for her son, Jacob, she again encountered difficulties and consulted both the Biala Rebbe from Bnei Brak and Rabbi Moshe Weinberger from Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, who both advised Mrs. Aminoff that all will be alright and she should both bake challah and empty out her soul under the holy waters of the mikvah where the satan, devil, is unable to hear one’s prayers. Hodu L’Hashem Ki Tov, all worked out well for the Aminoff family and the message remains clear: the magical power of the mikvah’s waters and keeping the laws of taharat hamishpacha are the essence of shalom bayit, domestic harmony.


Voted one of the most influential women in Israel and one of the most in-demand lecturers in the world today, attracting hundreds of women to her shiurim, where she inspires women of all backgrounds with her deep messages along with a sense of humor, Rebbitzen Yemima Mizrachi wowed the crowd with mighty momentos of love for each other, relating parallels from the unique marriage of Tzipora and Moshe Rabbeinu and the diamonds used to carve the original luchot, also relating the origin of “Harei at mekudeshet li”. Later, the Rebbitzen related how simcha, joy, is comparable to selicha, forgiveness. An individual must excuse inadequacies in order to maintain a life of happiness.


What is a beautiful woman? This is when you look at a person and suddenly feel attractive yourself. With Purim upon us, the Rebbitzen related how Esther HaMalka elevated the beauty of those she encountered despite her less than striking appearance. There were moments of laughter and those of seriousness. The Rebbitzen reminded those that when one silently immerses themselves in the mikvah’s waters they create a new world where they return to their mother’s womb.


So what is the biggest secret to life? Praying is not only to be used when one is experiencing a trying time, rather to take to heart the quiet moments in the morning. The Rebbitzen correlated her own grandmother routine of praying modeh ani and kissed the mezuzah, having in mind each of her 12 children’s needs. It is at these pivotal moments that one must take in special joy. It was also noted that woman are in this world to foster peace and stop quarrel.


In the spirit of Purim Katan, the women joined in unison, with their hands on each other’s heads, the woman gave a bracha to one another wishing each other success and prosperity.


Later, alongside Rebbitzen Yemima Mizrachi, a music performance by Rebbitzen Kineret Sarah Cohen kept the inspiration high.


CHAZAQ’s mission has always been to build a stronger future for the Jewish community at large. It is with events like these, small and large, that CHAZAQ has been able to spread Torah to tens and thousands of people, near and far.


This event was sponsored in memory of Mr. Shalom Zirkiev’s grandmother, Sporo Tzipora bat Leo, as well as by the Morad family lezecher nishmat Yosef Meir ben Shulamit Sabicha and Mordechai.


With the miraculous help of Hashem, CHAZAQ has inspired also thousands of jewish public school students in the past few years and have assisted in the transfer of over 560 Jewish public school students  to yeshivot in the last two plus years alone.  If you know of a family member, coworker or just a neighbor who sends their child to public school, have them reach out to Chazaq, even anonymously.


Mikvah Be’er Miriam and Yaffa is open to all women 6pm-9pm, Sunday through Thursday (Friday schedule and late nights will follow).


For more information on Chazaq’s unique array of programming, visit or call 718-285-9132 today.

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