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Trump Treats CPAC Attendees To Energetic 2-Hour Speech



Donald Trump hugs the US flag, minutes before launching into a marathon speech at CPAC, March 2nd, 2019 Nicholas Kamm (AFP / i24news)

If you went to CPAC yesterday, you would have gotten a value way beyond the price of admission. President Donald Trump spoke for over two hours in a wild and spirited address to the CPAC attendees that covered a wide range of topics. He talked about things like the 2016 election, the special counsel, and some of the potential 2020 contenders.

By: Winona Worth

He talked about how he thinks it is unfair that the Justice Department is soon expected to release its report about Russian meddling and all other related matters because the people making the report “weren’t elected.”

Trump drew plenty of roars from the crowd when he took on old foes who may wind up running against him for president next year. “I should have saved the ‘Pocahontas’ thing for another year. Because I’ve destroyed her political career and now I won’t get a chance to run against her and I would’ve loved it,” Trump said.

He touched upon the importance of education and being able to speak freely, which he thinks is becoming more and more of a problem on college campuses and social media platforms. “Today I’m proud to announce that I will be soon signing an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal dollars.”

During his two-hour CPAC speech, Trump briefly mentioned topics related to the national emergency he declared. “Mothers who love their daughters give them massive amounts of birth control pills,” he started, and then he explained “because they know their daughters are going to be raped on the way up to our southern border. Think of that. True story told to me by the Border Patrol. Think of how evil that is.”

He addressed a recent tweet of his that got a little of attention, and it’s a fun thing too. He wanted to go into a little more detail about the potentially great Independence Day celebration he wants to have in the capital. “We need your incredible spirit on the 4th of July,” Trump said. “We are having, in Washington DC, a great tribute to America. I hope you can all come. The 4th of July, keep it open. We want to bring millions of people into the city & we want people to come who love our country.”

Trump was overseas during a Congressional hearing with Michael Cohen, but he still was able to comment a little about some of the Republicans who are on the committee that held the hearing. “The ones that love Trump, the ones that are really the Trumpers — like Meadows, Jordan, Gaetz, so many of them — they are the ones that win,” Trump said about how Republicans should try and win elections. “It’s the ones that are a little shy about embracing what we’re all about, they get clobbered. Take a look.”

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