Remembering a Beloved Father–Felix (Sa’adia ben Miriam) Torgueman


Dear Esteemed Rabbis, Friends and Family:

I want to thank you all for coming this morning to pay respect and to honor our Great Father. I say OUR, because he was like a father to all. He was your friend, and you were All his friends! Many of you told me that you miss him, But he always told me that he missed you all!

He was your hazan, your Baal Koreh( to read the Torah, NEViem, and Ketubib)and he was the Best At it. A Walking תנך. His famous Voice and Taamim were exceptional. He was your teacher, he was your leader. He was your advisor. He made you all smile , laugh , and sometimes cry when he got up to speak at sad occasions !

He was in your houses to read the Zohar for a new baby boy or to bless a new house . He attended Thousands of Brissim, Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. He taught thousands of boys bar mitzvah lessons.

He was in your offices putting up a new Mezuzah, or to help collect hundreds of thousands of dollars for the synagogue. He came with you and your family to the cemetery to bury your loved ones and gathered a minyan with him to say Kaddish. He came to your house to conduct an Eraya and to read Tehillim) . He was your Shohet ( to slaughter a chicken for Kapara over your head , or for a family who needed a kosher chicken to eat. He stood beside you at the Tebah and encouraged you !

He was an all around angel . G-d gave us this Angel for almost a century. And I’m grateful for that!

Hacham Baruch would relate a famous Passuk about my Father:

Atta Kadosh Ve Shimcha Kadosh , Ukdoshim B’chol Yom Y’Hallelucha Sella. The Rabbi pointed out that my father was one of Those Kedoshim. The Holy People Praising G-d.

I learned many great traits from my parents. He ran away from Kavod/ Honor. He always accepted every one with a smile. He was a people person. He taught us something great: In many Siddurim it says–Before Shaharit:?It says that you are accepting upon yourself a positive commandment: ואהבתה לרעך כמוך. Love thy neighbor as thy self. My great father would shake everyone’s hand before praying. To make peace with one another.

Neshmato Serura B’Soor Haim Amen.

Best Regards,

            Moses Torgueman


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